Without A Doubt, You're All I Dream About (Inspiration Board #7)

Photos from thefashionspot, style, random googled sites, and nostalgia party 2

FINALLY. Spring break! So happy to have all the end of the quarter tests over with. I had a little retail therapy today (aka new ankle boots), I'll post tomorrow since I've reverted to my PJs and Friday chores look (Yes, at 4PM). As for my french project, it went totally fine! Had a lot of fun, I threw on a beret and these diva status white sunglasses I found. Must've been funny to watch, my friend said I "looked like I knew what I was doing", always a plus haha. I'll do an outfit post of what I wore if you guys want, I'm gonna have a lot of free time over break.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)