Another round of photos after paying a visit to one of my favorite flea markets... again, photo quality has been thrown to the wind.

My appreciation for bizarre displays of flea market goods has no bounds.


Cue Alice Cooper's anthem. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was at Disneyland with my friends for graduation. As you can tell from my face, I'm just beaming with enthusiasm to be leaving high school! Okay, well it may not show on my face but I'm very excited in spirit! I thought I'd pay tribute to my four years of service with a Lindsay Weir, Dazed & Confused, I'm-sick-to-my-stomach-to-be-in-high-school-facial-expression inspired look with my grandpa's old army shirt, Foghat tour shirt from 1981, and bell bottom blues. Here's a wimpy mood board to create the vibes:

Cool patches on this jacket. I try not to wear this shirt often because I figure it's of heirloom status.

While my dad was doing some yard work in our backyard, he opened our oven for his gardening gloves and was greeted by an opossum! I managed to snap a pic of the marsupial squatter.

Things are about to get really crazy the next few weeks, graduation is this Thursday and next week I'm going to be in Massachusetts and New York City! I'll try to keep posting as regular as possible!



I have on a Levi's denim jacket, necklace by Ishi, American Apparel shirt, vintage Levi's jeans and vintage sushi pin and boots

Figured I'd do a post reflecting my personal style after doing a post so akin to Bowie's. The paint splattered jeans were fished out of a pile of similar homemade creations at a flea market last month. They will be flaking paint chips by my side all summer long. They were a lot more aged looking, but unfortunately I had to wash them. Why doesn't anyone make the case of wearing dirty clothes in the name of style?

The necklace is by a designer called Masauki Ishikawa, but goes by just Ishi. A woman at the Long Beach flea market last month was selling his designs and my dad and I were very impressed! There were a lot of designs to choose from, many Mexican and military inspired, but I went for this curved bone necklace, since I'm into sleek and chic animal parts. I did all sorts of internet research trying to track him down, but sadly my search yielded no results. If you're out there Ishi, I'm a big fan!