Remember when I said I was really busy these days? Well it's true, because I haven't had time to get my pictures edited for posting. So here's some other photos plastered together, when I had time for editing at some point, that paint a picture of my summerspirations.

All pics I yanked from my tumblr, which are of course from somewhere else

Pictures should be up by next week. Should be.


  Levi's jacket, Kill City pants, Broken tee, Justin's boots, vintage everything else 

I don’t really like to wear skinny jeans, but I will for these tie-dyes. I will probably make some modifications to them with a steak knife this summer. 

 A lot of the outfits I’ve been posting lately seem to have been riffing off each other. A tiny detail of an outfit I wear one day can inspire all the details of an outfit I wear the next day. I think it’s good to get whatever’s on your mind onto your body and out of your system.