Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens (Inspiration Board #9)

John Galliano F/W 07, Givenchy S/S 08, Snake Skin, Mono Lake, Kamacuras, and Jacques Plante's Original Hockey Mask are some of the things inspiring me lately. Images from style.com, thefashionspot, and the rest of the internet.

And here's my french project look. I didn't show the whole body because it was just my red boots, black cardigan, h&m jeans, and a random brown shirt. I took it just now with my cell phone, sorry the quality's so bad. It's upside down too LOL, but you get the gist of my *~DIVA~* look. I assure you I never look like this outside the walls of my French class...

EDIT: Btw, my cat does indeed have two different colored eyes. One yellow and one blue.

Have a great weekend!