I've been a terrible blogger this past week or so - I've been so busy with holiday duties! But I managed to sneak in a few shots from a family get-together this past weekend. This is my go-to outfit for just about anything when the weather is "cold" around here (i.e. anything below 65). The coat is from Crossroads Trading Co. in LA, belt and leopard pelt skull cap from a flea market, vintage shirt, Heritage 1981 scarf, H&M jeans, and the boots are a Spanish brand that I cannot remember, I got them at Buffalo Exchange for 20 bucks!

Even though Christmas has been shoved down our throats since before Halloween, I prefer to not jump the gun and enjoy the autumn feeling for a few last fleeting moments...

The scarf was actually a gift from Forever 21 - I've had the incredible opportunity to help the Heritage 1981 team with their photoshoots! The first one I helped with is up on the site right now, click on the picture below to see it!

A behind the scenes shot by me:

I can't wait for the next shoot! Thanks again guys! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and Denim on Denim will be back to its regularly scheduled programming. ;-)



I finally got around to capturing my favorite moment in ankle boot cinematic history, Keith Richard's python boots from Gimme Shelter. The few fleeting moments they are on screen have been etched into my styling DNA - epitomizing the trashy glamour and laissez-faire attitude of The Stones.

LOVE the red satin with the python boots.

The crowning detail...

The footage:

Another moment I captured is Joe Cocker's boots from his Woodstock performance. My dad and I were watching it together, and when they appeared on screen I was about to say how cool they are, but my dad beat me to it and said it first haha!

& the footage:

I mostly did this post for myself because I just wanted to have decent photos of the boots LOL. I was pretty busy this weekend and my dad's out of town until Wednesday, so expect an outfit post somewhere around then! Just thought I'd post something to fill the void haha, now I'm gonna go hug my snakeskin boots.



Another Sunday spent at a flea market - I always feel like a kid in an enormous, dusty, candy store. Let's start this post on a wholesome note with this charming belt:

I would have gotten it except I think it was a size 50.

I love this chair...

...and this chair! Very enterprise. Take note of the painted smokers in the background.

Saw this woman and had to photograph her. I loved her look - viva mexico! That necklace is amazing too.

I love anything 60s - because having 60s costume party everyday is a lot more fun than not having it?

I also love anything western. This was a bit out of my price range haha.

I can never reiterate enough how much I love how everything is displayed at flea markets.

Pelts with Sesame Street toys? Genius!

Should have got that necklace for my caveman/hannibal lecter look...

I love those tour jackets! I want one someday. The designs are so cool.

I loved the light on the skull.

I love bones/skeletons so much. If that's wrong I don't wanna be right.

I find dioramas/models to be so compelling. I was a bit diorama deprived as a child - my school only did one. Such a shame.

I feel like this trunk possesses some kind of magical powers... or maybe it belonged to a mermaid?

Some bags...

I always see this bag, but this time I noticed it has the WWF logo on it. Strange, since I'm pretty sure it's made from real cow. I should just get it next time I go.

Shag carpet bag - reminds me of brain coral!

A goose to keep you company on those lonely nights? Kinda Norman Bates even.

Or maybe a pet cow - half the pet with none of the mess.

Some exotic items.


Love this dress!!!

I love this logo! The picture, not so much. The lighting was shit under the shade.

Interesting leather jacket.

A tasteful brooch.

I love this lion jacket - pretty tacky but mostly amazing to me.

Pretty sure this is from Star Trek? Not 100% sure. Fellow nerds? Help me out?

Made away with some great (& cheap! yes!) finds that should probably be dry cleaned before they find their way onto the blog... I couldn't find my pink fur coat! Some pimps must've swung by there!



I realized today my dad and I both had on denim on denim looks, so I thought it'd be cool to take outfit pictures to compare how we wear the look. We also had on skeleton shirts, Ray Bans, and boots too! Great minds think alike I suppose haha!


I just bought the patchwork leather hat at a vintage store last night, I can't wait to wear it with everything! I'm looking into a way to surgically attach it to my head. Worn with vintage Levis jacket, vintage Ray Ban sunglasses, my dad's old el dia de los muertos shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, belt from a flea market, and vintage calf hair boots.


My dad was wearing a vintage denim jacket, Laundry brand shirt, Levis jeans, boots and belt from a flea market, and a vintage 40's watch, and his signature Ray Ban sunglasses.

I love the details of this jacket, the buttons are so cool. I also love how one of the hands on his watch is red, cool detail.

Beautiful poop? Nice.

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