Back From LA!

This picture was taken while waiting in traffic backed up LA's ass. I had an amazing time in LA. I saw a lot of amazing things, ate a lot of amazing food, and of course bought a lot of amazing stuff! I'll post what I got and an outfit post in a bit, my uncle has to send me the pictures. Until then, here's some pictures of some stuff in my uncle's apartment that I stayed in which I LOVE.

My uncle is friends with a Funeral director who gave this to her nephew for his birthday, when he got it he cried, so she gave it to my uncle. Crazy kid, who wouldn't want a turtle skull?

This is in his bathroom, I would love to have these exact same things in mine.

I took these pics while out shopping on Monday. One benefit of having a camera phone, is the ability to take part in ankle boot espionage.

I saw this pair at American Vintage on Melrose. I love the double zippers on the front, but they were sadly only a size 7.

SNAKE SKIN! I saw these at Wasteland on Melrose. I'm desperately hunting for a pair of snakeskin ankle boots, but these with a 225 dollar price tag, were a definite no go for me. I'll bide my time and snap up a great pair of Mexican ones hopefully for cheaper. Oh the joys of being a jobless teen.

I'll post my Projet Francais outfit soon hah ;-)