Not-so-Sunny Afternoon

Bored on an uneventful Sunday, might as well dress up.

I'm wearing a secondhand Levi's shirt, H&M hoodie vest, secondhand coat thing, Cheap Monday jeans, sword pin given to me by my dad, and secondhand calf hair boots.

My inspiration for this look would probably be the grey skies we're experiencing and this photo of my all time favorite men's style inspiration, Jim Morrison. I wish I had some ~stunna shades~ to accompany my ensemble, I tried on a pair of Tom Ford aviators at the mall some time back and it was a perfect match. I suppose they make up for the lack of attitude my normal facial expressions possess LOL.

Took some ~glamour shots~ by the lilacs. I really like this picture, as always taken by my brother.

It's June already?


One Lovely Blog Award/Finding Inspiration in The World Of Fashion Contest

I was awarded by the very talented and very sweet Hanh from Life in Travel with the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. I'm quite flattered since I haven't won anything since my soccer trophy in the 1st grade (I didn't actually want to play, my parents were just gonna buy me Pokemon Yellow Version if I did it. Me and sports don't really click), so thanks so much Hanh! Add her to your daily reads if you haven't already! ;-) As for the award...

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've recently discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen.

This was really hard! I keep feeling like I'm being mean and leaving someone out LOL. This is kind of a mix of bloggers I've recently discovered and ones I think need more recognition.

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As always though, check my sidebar to see which blogs have captured my interest lately. I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who's supported my blog up to this point. It means a lot to be able to share my sartorial vision with you guys. I love hearing from you guys in comments and emails and your support means a lot to me. :) We're experiencing some May Grey/June Gloom right now so I'll probably throw on an outfit endemic to the weather today and post it tomorrow. Have a good weekend guys.

P.S. I've been given the opportunity to be in the Finding Inspiration in The World Of Fashion contest over at Nini's Style. I'm very flattered to have been chosen and you should vote for me and tell your friends to vote for me too! ;-)


Playing With Plaid

I decided to play around with my dad's plaid shirt he gave me back in the day. I used to wear this unbuttoned with fedoras and frye boots over skinny jeans, back when Agyness Deyn was my style icon LOL. I do like this shirt a lot though, it's just too big for me. Kinda lumber jack, kinda punk, kinda Olsen twins? I'd like to think I wear it my own way though lol. All the pictures were taken by my brother Sam. Keep in mind I'm not a model at all, I'm only in front of the camera cos somebody's gotta wear the clothes. Just a disclaimer in case, ya know, I ever look slightly ridiculous LOL.

Style #1

I'm wearing a plaid shirt from my dad, see thru American Apparel shirt, Target shorts, calf hair cuff, shoes, and watch from a flea market,

There's something inspiring about having only half of your jacket slung over your shoulders. I think it makes good fashion photography and adds some more color/patterns/texture if needed.

Style #2

Worn buttoned up. I've added a fur pin of a dog's face for added eccentricity. Gotta mix weird secondhand furs.

One of my favorite secondhand scores by far. There's something so eerie about it's expression. It looks happy, but does it know it's beheaded? Probably the best 2 bucks I've ever spent.

Style #3

Added my messenger bag for this look and rolled up my sleeves.

Style #4

Added my H&M hoodie vest and tied the shirt around my waist. Not so flattering for your bum, but it looks cool! Inspired by this ed, lol duh. ;-)

Style #5

Had to go there guys. I must admit I like this quite a bit, I could see myself in an actual kilt one day. My brother said I looked like hey arnold LOL.

Have an amazing day,

Sunday's Look

Been very busy this weekend. Doin my best to go for a glam rock-esque look today.

I'm wearing a secondhand sharkskin shirt, deep v from American Apparel, belt from my dad, H&M jeans, and Stacey Adams boots.
Expect to see a lot more of this shirt this summer, it's very light and also see through. I love sharkskin shirts so much, I have a very small collection but I hope to find lots more. Sorry to be wearing the button up shirt/ jeans/deep v/ boots combo so much, but I love it. It makes it very easy to mix textures and colors.

Wearing my grey Stacey Adams. I don't wear these an awful lot because they are a bit big, but I'm happy I got them because I love the grey leather and their futuristic look.

Thanks for readin, have a good memorial day weekend.


Glam Rock Inspiration Board

A quick inspiration board inspired by my obsession with Ziggy Stardust. Taking a look at some amazing footwear that I feel would bring any look up to fantastical glam rock star standards.

Pictures from erm... the internet? LOL I have no idea sorry guys.

I'm a big believer in accessories making an outfit extraordinary, especially shoes (In my case a great pair of ankle boots). These boots would convey the glam rock look into any ensemble. Would kill to have a pair of any of them (Don't even get me started on the Rick Owens', that's a whole post on its own). I could think of a million and one ways to wear the Givenchys, I have a vision of them looking amazing under jeans so it looks like they're your skin. Or to go all the way and wear them all out, the possibilities are endless. Need some flashy/gaudy pieces in my wardrobe ASAP. Sometimes you want your fashion statements to be so loud they scream. I'm thinkin of scouring some thrift stores to see if I can get a flashy jacket to play around with for cheap.

I'll update this weekend, three day weekend woo hoo! Have a good one.


Le 19 mai

A post with actual denim on denim! Just so you guys know, I didn't name this blog denim on denim with actual denim posts in mind LOL, I just thought it was a catchy name and it is considered a fashion faux pas, which I love. Just in case, ya know, you were thinking: "Where's the denim on denim???" But yeah onto the clothes...

I'm wearing a secondhand Levi's shirt, American Apparel deep v, belt from my dad, Cheap Monday jeans, and secondhand boots. Hope this picture isn't too posey-pose, I like it though. It was just a moment captured since my brother tends to take pictures when I'm not looking haha.

This is one of my favorite belts, it broke though a while back because it is a very brittle material. But my grandpa put two screws in it and voila. It doesn't really function as a belt, it just kinda hangs out on my hips. But as long as I can wear it! I believe it's from Mexico, although I have no idea where he bought it.

Expect some more outfit posts and whatnot this week as usual, I hope this blog isn't too routine LOL I do my best to keep things interesting. I've been more inspired lately than usual by glam-rock (ie inspired 98% by David Bowie), so stay tuned!

P.S. I noticed I have a lot of French readers, if you wanna leave me a comment in French (Or Spanish. Hola, I see you guys too. Thanks google analytics.) that'd be cool because I wanna see if I can understand it. Seriously, go nuts. I've only taken a year of both, but I'm not too shabby!


Le 16 mai

Wearing this to play music and hangout with some friends...

I'm wearing a secondhand suede leather and corduroy jacket, deep v from American Apparel, belt from a flea market, Cheap Monday jeans, and Stacey Adams boots.

Bustin out my blacks again, these are definitely my number one go-to shoe in my closet and probably my favorite pair. They're simple, but their genius is in their simplicity. To me, they're western, futuristic, and frankly, sexy as well. I can see myself wearin these for years to come.

Here's a cool picture I took of Pinky, I had no idea the spider was there until I uploaded it. She's seriously really photogenic, watch out Sasha Pivovarova.

I may do another post on this outfit because I really love it haha, hope you guys don't mind... I'll make it up to you with its ~greatness~. Have a great Saturday!


Vintage Editorial Inspiration

Opted for posting some vintage photos that've been inspiring me since I perused thefashionspot's goldmine of vintage magazine scans instead of an inspiration board.

Carre Otis by Michael Roberts for Vogue Italia September 1991

"Tinker tailoring" by Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK October 1993

Madonna by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia November 1992

??? par Helmut Newton pour Vogue Paris Juin/Juillet 1975

All pictures from thefashionspot

Hope everyone had a good week, just a heads up I won't be attending the flea market this weekend because my dad has to work. It's okay since I don't really have any money at the moment, but I highly urge any of you to go! If you do go, you have to tell me about it. :)


What I'm Wearing Tuesday The 12th

Playing with my 'see thru' shirt today.

I'm wearing a track jacket from the flea market, 'see thru' shirt from American Apparel, belt from flea market, watch from my dad, skull ring from the flea market, Cheap Monday pants, and secondhand calf hair boots.


I got this ring at the flea market for a fin, I'm pretty eclectic about my skulls but I really fancy this ring. For whatever reason, the Alexander Mcqueen skull clutch came to mind immediately when I saw this.

More to come...


See Through Style Inspirations

Summer is approaching fast, and one style that I'm eager to bust out and wear 24/7 is mesh/see through tops. Granted I have one 'See Thru' shirt, but I've only just begun to scratch the surface. Here's some see through style inspirations that have been tantalizing my imagination.

Ziggy Stardust

This is definitely one of those go to pictures for immediate inspiration of mine. I can't really begin to express how much I love it, but I will however mention that one thing I love about it is the red hair with the black clothes.

"Tight black mesh long-sleeve top, worn with form-fitting black trousers outlined in red and silver sequins along the waist and outside seams. A band of sequins runs around the bottom of each leg, slightly above the ankle. Bowie wore the original for the first time at the Rainbow Theatre in London on 19 August 1972 and ended his Hammersmtih Odeon Farewell Gig on 3 July 1973 wearing this costume."

Info and pics from 5 years and bowie wonderworld.

En Vogue

From thefashionspot, click for the full ed.

This is a picture from my favorite En Vogue. It features one of my favorite kinds of see through styles, which is a see through shirt worn under a blazer/jacket. This I think is the easiest to pull off and it translates well into colder weathers too. At least around here in socal, where we don't even know the meaning of cold. Now that I think about it, I think this picture was the first I saw that made me wanna try this style many moons ago...

Jane Birkin

From burning up
This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I know I can't completely emulate this style for obvious reasons LOL, but I love the attitude and it's a constant source of inspiration. Jane Birkin, whatta woman.

Givenchy Men's S/S 09

from menstyle
One of my favorite menswear shows of all time - get out of my dreams and into my closet! Riccardo's transgressional take on menswear and masculinity is exactly how I feel, what's not badass about shamelessly showing skin with tons of leather and all in bright-ass pink? Thank goodness for designers like Tisci rattling a few cages. Hope to try some of these whole looks let alone the see through dress shirts. A bit off topic, but I remember a review on Mens Style of Riccardo's F/W 09/10 mens collection saying: "But one was also disconcerted by a sense that it would be interesting to probe Tisci's mind, to learn if or where the men he imagines in his clothes actually exist." Uhhh, I'm right here?

In conclusion, I need this, this, and this in a million different colors.

Have a good week! To those still in school, savor the flavor there's not much time left to enjoy the simple joys of a school day. ;-p


Polka Dots & Whatnot

A Marni inspired look, playing more with track stripes.

I'm wearing a thrifted polka dot shirt, secondhand cardigan, brooch from the flea market, thrifted messenger, Target shorts, and shoes from American Vintage. Found the polka dot shirt in LA at Out of The Closet. I immediately thought of Marni when I saw it, and I was elated by the 4 dollar price tag.

Picked this up at the flea market. I was looking for some red jeweled brooches to play with some glam meets grit looks. I like this a lot because it's pretty sci-fi to me, like it could be in some 60s sci-fi flick as a badge for a general from beyond the moon.

Got these shoes at American Vintage before I found the similar black ones. How I found two shoes of very similar design, by the same brand, in my size, but in two different colors has not ceased to amaze me. Still not quite sure what style of shoe they are exactly.

Have a good Friday guys! :)


Thanks Erincita!

The very talented Erin has drawn me! You can check out the full size pic on her blog Erincita. I am so flattered to be a source of inspiration, thanks so much Erin! They look fantastic! :)


Lots of Black and New Vintage Accessories

Wore this yesterday but didn't have time to photograph it until today. Excuse the post-shower hair!

I'm wearing a secondhand coat thing, shirt, sword pin, and skull necklace from my dad, homemade gator tooth necklace, Cheap Monday pants, and secondhand boots.

I love the all black look, but I am always aware of trying not to look like one of those 'all black kids', ya know? The kids that hang in groups of one another and all dress almost exactly the same? Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't think it's any fun. So I try to switch it up a bit with some unconventional pieces and accessories. I love wearing my red boots with an all black outfit, they look great together adding a nice finishing touch. I feel like they don't get much love on the blog despite the fact I frequently haul ass around town/school in em.

I raided my dad's amazing vintage collection the other day and he gave me this skull necklace. It's hung on a silk rope and is totally cool! He got it on Melrose back in the 80s. Love how it looks with the tooth, kinda gives off that witchy look I always love (Does Professor Snape count as a style icon?). You can also see the details of my shirt, it's my Dia De Los Muertos shirt worn backwards, which makes this a very versatile piece. It was my dad's back in the day, and went from being a PJs shirt to one of my favorite shirts to wear with just about anything. It's so soft and very light, plays well in hot weather.

This was an old trinket of my dads he found when he was little, and now it's mine to give new life to. LOVE this! I really wanted some sword accessories after seeing this picture of Perdita on Sea Of Shoes. I love the sword earrings look, but since my ears aren't pierced, this is easier lol! I went job hunting a bit yesterday, and even the guy working at a vintage store I went searching at liked my pin, even though they weren't hiring LOL.

Hope everyone has a good week!