Saturday/Flea Market Finds/Lolz

Some friends and I are getting together today, and while waiting for our other friend, I had one of them take pictures of me for the blog...

I'm wearing a track jacket from the flea market, American Apparel shirt, homemade gator tooth necklace, belt from the flea market, watch from Cambria, blue leather studded wristband from the flea market, and calf hair boots from American Vintage.

Remember me telling you guys about the pentagram also being able to be clipped on a hoodie zipper? And also track stripes? Well I had the idea to clip it onto a track jacket because I feel like it makes it more perverse. So after searching for one, the fashion gods threw me a bone. This track jacket is perfect. From the off white stripes, to the great rayon material, to the 10 dollar price tag LOL. Great for spring, expect to see more of it. ;-)

My parents got me this watch while they were in Cambria this past week. It doesn't work, so it's perpetually Friday the 4th on that watch. The wristband is another one from the flea market. I love blue leather so I had to snag this one.
And goofing off...for teh lulz.

Joe bein a diva.

Have a great weekend! :)