What I Wore Today 4/8/09

I changed outfits about 4 times today, that's probably a record for me. I rarely change my clothes during the day, but we're experiencing a cold front here at the moment and it's so hard to choose which precious jacket I wanna wear considering the fact it's gonna be hotter than hell here from here on out. Here's two looks I had my brother photograph:

Nice mood difference right?
In the first picture I'm wearing an H&M hoodie vest thing, a second hand jacket/cardigan thing, American Apparel shirt, H&M jeans, homemade alligator tooth necklace, and Stacey Adams boots.
In the picture in which I'm loling I'm wearing a second hand leather coat, Cheap Monday Jeans, American Apparel scarf and shirt, and Stacey Adams boots.
And here's a detail shot of the first look:

I got the coat thing at a second hand store called Crossroads Trading Co. whilst in LA, an epic find for me! The color, the size, I'm gonna bundle up in this baby every morning from now on when I trek off to school. It's a nasty dark black material, with huge pockets and it's so great for layering. Possibly the best purchase I made the whole time (maybeeee). Expect to see a lot it in the future, here's a detail shot of it:

I don't know why my Stacey Adams never really turn up on my blog, they're my first love and an amazing pair of boots. I probably should've busted out the calf hairs for these looks, but I felt like wearin my good ol blacks today. Here's an attempted detail shot of the shoes with my cat, although my cat kept moving! I probably should've cleaned them first too...

I'll post my french project look next week, since I'll probably wear the same thing to school at one point (lol not with the beret and sunglasses though, I mean to not to school).