I've deduced I'm not allowed to leave the computer during fashion week(s)/month because if I skip a beat, I'm up to my neck in new fashion media! I'll try to post a real post soon, I have some cool stuff to blog about. I'll TRY not to gush over collections that you've probably been reading rave reviews all day *cough* Missoni *cough*, but it's too damn hard when the collections are so damn good! HOWEVER, I will say that every season of Burberry I can always count on Christopher Bailey to come up with some sort of bracelet I'll be coveting, and without fail he has again:

I also have a new object of obsession to muse upon:

Aren't they really fascinating? I don't know why I've never really thought about it before, my favorite little monotreme.

Nerdily yours,

Bite my shiny metal ass!

Last Wendsday I was invited to see a showing of the last Futurama movie Into The Wild Green Yonder (Which comes out tommorrow btw) at the Fox Studios in LA. I went with some of my family and it was really really cool! I'm a huge fan of the show so this was very exciting for me and also sad because this may be the last Futurama ever. I also got to meet some of the cast/crew and other cool folks because it was a screening for everyone who worked on the movie. Anyways, I figure I'd show what I wore that night, although I swapped my beloved black tri-blend American Apparel shirt here for my favorite vintage The Simpsons T-Shirt I got at a store called Buffalo Exchange. This t-shirt is seriously old (it has home made stitching on the sides and what looks like an ear wax stain), it also has that oh-so-soft dilapidated shirt feel.

I'm wearing here an American Apparel cardigan, vintage simpsons tee, Cheap Monday jeans, crab pin from ebay, my favorite worn belt, and same ol same ol Stacey Adams'.
My cardigan is messed~ a bit in a futile attempt to show the crab pin. I took a detail shot to try to show it more but you still can't see it well haha, I'm gonna do an animal pin post soon because I love them so sit tight!

Oh yes and:

Oh hell yes

Doesn't this girl's outfit remind you of Margiela SS 08?

my scans and vogue.fr

EDIT: LOL I just noticed I put "kiss my shiny metal ass" and not bite as the title...LOL talk about a brain fart.

A bientot!

What I've got on today

Here I'm wearing my second hand/vintage/whatever jacket, scarf and shirt from American Apparel, Cheap Monday jeans, two rings given to me, and my Stacey Adams boots.
The boots are I believe vintage because I got them second hand, for only 35 bucks! Guys' ankle boots with narrow shafts (I guess that's the word, I can't think of a better one) for skinny jeans to go over are pretty rare, at least for me. I looked ALL over for a pair until the fashion gods smiled upon me, so these are a holy grail item and I wear them with pretty much everything everyday. Here's a more detailed picture of em.

They have two panel-like details on the side which I think gives them a futuristic feel. They are seriously an amazing pair of shoes.
I also promise I'm not as grouchy as I look in the picture, well maybe in the morning.

Hope everybody's have are having a good weekend!

Si tu pisses partout, t'es pas Chanel du tout

Amongst the fashion week madness, the new Vogue Paris has come out, adding to my hysteria. This editorial has a very strong French vibe and an attitude that leaps off the pages. Not to mention the styling is phenomenal. I think this is the first time I've seen two colors of leopard mixed together, and I love it. The excessive jewelry is also amazing, the badass choker especially.
Anywho, I promise I'll post an outfit post very soon! I'm STILL working with the self timer and yadda yadda (Granted I haven't been working on it every waking second, I'm not that stupid LOL.).


Rodarte Fall Winter 09/10

I must say Rodarte is one of my favorites of NY fashion week. The tawdry rocker chick from the future is very refreshing amongst the sea of safe fashion that infests NY fashion week. The pairing of something very hard and futuristic with something thrashed and primal looking, is very inspiring. The 2cd look from the far left of the collage reminds me of this:

Which is NEVER a bad thing.
And excuse my poor collage skills, I have the shakiest hands on the plant so the lasso tool and I don't go super well together. But hey, I figured I might as well give you guys something different than just the pictures because I'm sure the blogging world will be a buzz about this collection.



Carine FTW. That is all.

Editorials from Vogue China Feb. 09

I thought these two editorials in Vogue China this month were really cool. The styling is very much my taste, I need to start paying attention to Vogue China!
The first ed is called Natural beauty. I really like the messy mixture of pieces that probably shouldn't be worn together, but people like me really love. The juxtaposition of the styling and beautiful background tells the story that this person is maybe some sort of stylish nomad? Anyways, it's all good. Sorry the pics are so big, I wanted to show all the details.

Picture credit to kazaf from thefashionspot

The second ed is called: Rhinestone Cowgirl. It's no secret I'm a sucker for anything southwestern, so I ate up this ed. Because who wouldn't pair their disco ball Margiela jacket with some turquoise and a concha belt? The colliding of worlds makes for some very interesting looks.

I really like the way the the fringe looks in this picture, very hauntingly beautiful.

Picture credit to kazaf from thefashionspot

As always, thanks for reading.

Happy Valentine's Day

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2003 from Style.com

A pretty radical piece of jewelry from the yesteryear of YSL. Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise I will get back to posting this weekend. Hope you have a good Valentine's, my wonderful readers. :)


La Chaqueta De Misterio

So while ransacking through vintage stores avec le papa, we stumbled upon this gem. Its origins: unknown. It looks to me to be a bit Asian, maybe Vietnamese(the collar tag has French on it)? But if you told someone it was from anywhere in the world, they'd probably believe you, which is what I love about it. One of my friends suggested everytime someone asks where it's from, to say a different place. LOL , I just might. At any rate, all I really know for sure about this jacket is that I loved it at first sight.

(It also has these flaps on the sides which I feel are very rad)

Its tag says that It's leather and it has red corduroy panels. What a combo, eh? Reminds me a bit of the jackets from Rick Owens' Fall 08 collection. Seen here worn by the lovely Carine:

Also under the collar tag, there's "Flaum" written, in what looks to be marker. Who or what Flaum is, I don't know haha but it obviously adds to the charm of the garment.

It's still raining sporadically today, but I hope to do an outfit post with me actually wearing the jacket soon. By the way, I also picked up a Levi's denim shirt this past weekend as well. I was quite happy because I passed up one in San Francisco at a Goodwill for 4 dollars because I didn't know if I'd see something else (idiot) and I've been looking everywhere for a good worn one. So I ended up paying 18 bucks for one months later, but it's cool because it fits really well which is great because it's very hard to find button ups that fit my torso.

Thanks for reading!

Rainy Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts, i was gonna take some outfit pictures, but we had some rain here so I couldn't.

I could've taken pictures inside, but I'm still working with lighting. The lighting in my house is the equivalent to a cave. I did however, purchase some new things I wanna share with you guys that I'll be posting real soon. I hope you had a good weekend!


To buy, or not to buy?

Like many, I am a big fan of Maison Martin Margeila, especially the shoes he designs.

These beauts are on sale in a price I can pay and they're in my size, but I wouldn't have very much money left over. Being a jobless teen, I don't have a renewable source of steady income I can rely on (besides birthday and x-mas). So I'd have to crawl my way up from the bottom again, letting other fabulous opportunities pass me by. Also, I love to wear skinny jeans over my ankle boots, and these don't look like they can fit over em. I'm fine with that, it's just I may not get 100% wear out of em because I have only 1 pair of straight leg jeans. So the question at hand is: to buy, or not to buy? Hmmmmm...

Lundi, lundi

After a brief hiatus I am back to blogging! I was thinking of another link for my blog because the extra "m" bugs me, but whatever.


I'd figure I'd post some editorial pictures I saw today that inspired me, enjoy! I promise I'll post a real post as soon as i figure out some camera issues.

P.S. If anyone has any link-name suggestions, feel free to share.

Pictures from Vogue Paris, Russia, and Flair Magazine. I'm not 100% sure the sources, but I'm pretty sure they're from thefashionspot & wherethelightsend