Pics from tfs and uhh... yeah the internet.

Headin to LA tomorrow for something pretty cool, I'll let you guys in on it soon! ;-) I'm gonna do a shoot with dad tomorrow, it's hard to track him down sometimes to work with haha.



I've actually been sorta busy for once, so I figure a catch up post is needed! Some cool stuff happened this past week, I met up with the super sweet and stylish Raych from That's Chic last weekend to do some antique mall shopping downtown. Nicked these photos from her blog, check it out for more pics!

Raych and I did some outfit post photos too. I had on a vintage shirt, AA sweater, homemade buffalo tooth necklace, Target shorts, and Stacey Adams shoes.

I was featured on the very kind and stylish Kinder's blog Closet Disorder. Frankly, my "closet" (aka where I shove my clothes behind a self-made nook with a curtain cover) is a disaster far from being salvaged for photographing, so I went with the "boot corral", as it is often called by first time onlookers. Be sure to check out his blog! He has a great sense of style.

I am absolutely SMITTEN, by these pics from the new Vogue Hommes International. It takes a very special person to be able to style a man in a shaggy black fur coat and a tawdry backwards cap and have it look not only good, but masculine and rugged as well! Check out the full ed here.

I did indeed go to the Long Beach Flea Market last Sunday. HOWEVER, I failed to document ANYTHING because I left my memory card in our scanner and did not realize this until I whipped out my camera the moment I got there and saw the little flashing bastard "No Memory Card" on the view screen of my camera. Buttt, I did manage to snag some pretty fucking awesome stuff in my humble opinion, I mean I'm just really happy with my finds. So expect to see them photographed soon.

On Friday, some friends and I went to O'Neil and Teen Vogue's Generation Next to support our friend Kari. Here's a pic of the dress and bag she designed:

She was up against 3 other girls, and we had to text to vote for her to win, but she sadly didn't win. ): Her design was the best though. There was an after party and a lot of my schoolmates attended, which is really weird having fashion and school mix, but my friends and I skipped the after party to go for a night stroll on the beach. I also realized that I lost my fashion show virginity at that show haha!

Another thing I just feel like putting out there, is that just because I'm quite posey-posey in my photoshoots, does NOT mean I wanna be a model. At all. I just want to try to convey my photographic vision as best as possible, and if that requires me to act a fool, so be it. I want to act out the characters and attitudes these clothes command, it's not personal at all. Nothing provoked this, I just felt like letting you guys know my point of view. :) I mean, if it were up to me I'd be behind the lens every time.

Sorry this post is so random, expect an outfit post soon. Thanks again guys for coming back and reading and for all of your lovely comments! :)



I picked up this pajama top from the thrift store the other day for a buck. To me it has a Brian Jones, human sea wizard, glam rock quality to it, ya know the usual adjectives. One thing about it I like a lot is that because it's used for sleep, it's like something you'd wear while wafting through a dream. My dad and I have teamed up again, this time we took to the cemetery. The location has less to do with macabre than it does with the fact that the tombstones are just really beautiful works of art. This is actually the cemetary where Pamela Courson, Jim Morrison's long-term girlfriend is buried.

Thrifted jacket, nude top from American Apparel, belt from a flea market, Cheap Monday pants, and vintage calf hair boots. I know I've been wearing my flea market belt and Cheap Monday pants together a lot, but hey, aren't all outfits just different versions of the very first one anyway?



I went shopping at a vintage shop owned by a friend of my dad's this weekend and came across this gaudy, glittery, shirt. The owner, Mike, told me that he was given a forty-year-old Asian drag queen performer from San Francisco's stage wardrobe to sell, and that this shirt was one of the pieces. Naturally, I was smitten and had to have it. Adds instant glam-rock appeal to any outfit. My dad and I teamed up and had a photo shoot to show it off.

My dad had the idea to take out one of our acoustics and take some shots with it, a great idea, dunno know why I haven't before! I do indeed play the guitar - my dad, my brother, and I all play instruments. My dad's been a musician playing in bands his whole life.

I love how disproportional everything looks in this last photo. My dad and I will definitely be teaming up for future shoots - I don't know why we waited until now to do so!

I had on vintage boots and button up, AA shirt, Cheap Monday pants, and belt from a flea market.



Vintage plaid shirt, handed down shirt, blue leather cuff and calf hair cuff from a flea market, shorts from Target, and vintage Stacey Adams shoes.

Sorry I suck at posting lately, but like I said, it's hotter than hell lately, like really hot. Consequently I'm not wearing a lot of interesting clothes. I did however feel like dolling myself up to go see a Rolling Stones cover group with some friends tonight. I promise more cohesive posts are in the near future, like when I can wear jeans. But to make up for the overall lousiness of this post here's a collage of some shoes I've been eyeing over at yoox. Forgive me?