I found this amazing leopard pelt cap at the flea market last month. I stumbled upon this cap at a stand run by an exotic, mysterious, slightly disoriented looking man selling some dusty wears that were sprawled lazily out in front of his busted looking van (people like this always have the best shit). He informed me that it was very old and from Africa and for 20 bucks. I almost didn't buy it, but my dad helped convince me that I had to have this (If there was any doubt in my mind, it was that it was still very early in the morning, and with only so much cash, you never know what you'll find later, but anywhoozle). I'm not the one to condone slaying an animal as majestic as a leopard for fashion accessories, but something like this is a priceless, precious antique that I think should, at this point, be worn to the fullest extent. It wears like a beanie so it is a great way to lazily give an outfit a real shot in the arm. Can't wait to wear this all winter long.

Worn with my dad's flannel, vintage drag queen shirt, Cheap Monday cords, and vintage boots.

It's stitched together in a very primordial fashion, which adds to the look.

I love these vintage boots, the burnt orange color is so cool.

Just another 80-degree "fall" day in Southern California...



Last Sunday I went to the Long Beach flea market with my dad and brought my camera, so strap yourself in for a bombardment of blurry, sloppy, out of focus pictures of things that caught my eye...

Digging through endless stands like these full of dusty treasures.

It was quite foggy in the morning.

I love this poncho! Still working on 'my man with no name look', I think this would look good with some brown cords - but this poncho was too big.

The flea market always has tons of unusual paintings and art, like this painting of a green man. Who, or what, is he supposed to be? Kind of looks like Frankenstein's Monster and Einstein rolled into one - needless to say I like it.

Armadillo handbag complete with head and claws.

Love this candle holder.

Loved this coat - I'm still thinking about it!

Fur vest with breast pocket - haha whatever, I can dig it!

Love all the textures in this picture.

What kinda insect is this? At any rate, totally bitchin shirt!

I love Twizzlers! I want that Tiger picture too...

I love seeing things like an Egyptain sculpture, thrown in with a bunch of completely unrelated things in a place like a flea market. It's like shopping on a junky spaceship years after the earth has been harvested and destroyed.

I want this chair...

... and these chairs!

Guess you can buy someone's gravestone if you want.

I the kind of twisted freak that loves those skeletons in your biology class, I had a conversation once with my teacher about whether or not they really are people's skeletons and he said that now they make the bones, but before people from India would sell the deceased's bones to use. Yikes. Maybe this skeleton's named Bud?

Loved this denim jacket.

I LOVED these jeans, but they were a size 32, damn.

Very interesting bed.

I love strange vinyl covers.

Picture of nude bicyclists.

I like the detail on the back of this jacket.

Beautiful jacket from 1903!

I'M SO GETTING THIS COAT NEXT TIME. I've been following it for a while - when wouldn't I wear it?

I managed to pick up some great finds that will appear on the blog soon! Thanks for the comments on the last post - glad you guys liked it! :)



Who Doesn't Like A Good Tits Shirt?

I found this shirt in a pile of clothes all for a buck at a flea market, I was so stoaked! I love the idea of using clothes to play with the human body, and tits shirts do just that. This particular shirt isn't the holy grail of em by any means, but this one has its own trashy charm. It covers most of the body, so it lets you play with it more than just a regular sized t-shirt. Needless to say it turns many heads, this older woman approached me at the liquor store the other night and said it was great that I had the balls to wear it because she never did LOL!

Oh and it also has an added bonus: a backside.

In the spirit of the season, I have to say this was an inspiration for my outfit...

click to watch

Cardigan from American Apparel, Cheap Monday jeans, fur dog pin from a flea market, and vintage boots.

Can't wait to wear this shirt more and more. I've been up to some pretty exciting stuff lately that I'll finally let you guys in on very soon! ;-)



Just some denim that's been on my mind lately. Outfit post in a bit. Gonna go shopping for jeans today, and we know finding the right fit and wash is an arduous task, so wish me luck! Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Wearing some recent acquisitions from the flea market while relaxin in a tree of course. I've been searching for a grey rabbit fur vest for a long time, and I stumbled upon this one at the flea market for 50 bucks and I must say it's pretty perfect. The woman selling it said that a man came by and wanted it, but it didn't fit, so he broke down and cried! I guess I should feel lucky to have it huh? She also said she had just got a neon green one with tassels, what I would give to see it!

The jeans were only a buck in a pile of tattered and forgotten vintage treasures. And I picked up the shoes in a pile of vintage shoes for 10 bucks, I dunno how I keep finding the same shoe in different colors, but hell I'm happy I do because I've been seriously wanting a pair of white shoes. I feel like the jeans and those shoes were made for each other.

This is a necklace of my dad's - the crucifix is very beautiful and I love how it's paired with the Africa pendant.

I love this picture because if you look at it a certain way, it looks like I was standing on concrete, was flipped, and had a background photoshopped in, but actually it's just a weird concrete, uh, thing located in our local riverbed that I was sitting on. I took the pic below as a final act before my camera died, it looks like a weird pyramid from some foreign world to me.

It's still too early to let you guys in on what I did in LA, but it was pretty cool! Stay tuned. ;)