New Ankle Boots Part. Uhhh?

Yesterday I went to check out one of my favorite vintage stores just to see whats new, and I walked out with these suckers. So much for saving for LA!

It's funny because I've been really digging this color lately, I have a pair of frye boots in this color that I love but I can't wear with skinny jeans (I'll post a picture of them soon). The shoe gods must like me! These I had to have for many reasons. Their shaft goes up at an almost awkward length, but is still slender enough to wear skinny jeans over (Does anybody else hate the phrase "skinny jeans" as much as I do?). So your ankles are hidden underneath leather under your jeans, kinda sinister to me. The heel I think is 3 inches, well the highest in my shoe collection anyway, and the toe is a clunky rounded off shape. They almost look like disco shoes to me. They're unlike any shoe I'd had before. I feel like wearing platform shoes with them on haha.
Anyways, here's what I'm wearing today, going to a friend's 16th birthday party. Photographed by the brother again, thanks Sam if you're reading!

Second hand cardigan, mouse pin from ebay, shirt from American Apparel, knitted scarf from my mom, brown hoodie with bleach stains from a show, Cheap Monday jeans, second hand boots.
Here's some detail shots:

Gotta run to the party now, I'm off to LA tomorrow too! I'll try to update while I'm there but I can't make any promises. ;-)