Vintage jacket, lucite necklace, jeans, and boots, t-shirt from American Apparel

Although a pair of leather tabi ankle boots elude me (I'm hoping to one day buy a pair, I'm pretty sure they're only for women, but I've been told I have the same shoe size of Paris Hilton, so I figure there's bound to be a boutique that caters to foot-size anomalies), I still try to express myself in as many Margiela ways as possible. Kind of the fashion equivalent of the kid who broke his arm trying to fly like superman. Even with the man himself gone from the house (I call it Maison Missing Margiela), my respect and love of his work still runs through my own. One way I pay tribute is by tucking my nude tee into my pants to create a maybe-fleshy, bodysuit illusion. I was instantly reminded of the flaking, painted boots Margiela did when I saw my paint-splattered boots in the store. Throw the nude and boots together, and assemble with other parts faintly reminiscent of elements peaking out of his ready to wear and artisanal shows, give it a good squint, and you have your own private Margiela look.



Hey guys! I've been up to my ears in finals, work, and holiday duties, so I haven't had time to update. I've decided to take a brief winter hibernation hiatus to catch up. Posting will resume normally next Monday (the 26th). I may slap together some sort of inspiration post this week though, so stay tuned haha.

Thanks so much for reading, and here's wising you guys a happy and safe holiday season!



Vintage t-shirt, jeans, belt, and doc martens, Converse jacket

A personal rule of thumb of mine is that just about any oversized, dark-colored, sheltering garment seems to me to go with what I have on, and reaching for such garments under chilly circumstances leads to some interesting looks. For instance this Converse jacket belongs to my dad, but I like the length and proportions on me (I enjoy warming my hands in the comfort of sleeves of unduly lengths).
I styled it with some lingering influence from my spiel on armor from a few posts back. I have to tell you guys that the tucking-in of my jean flaps came about from a misunderstanding of which side those tattered flaps would expose, I wanted to show off the buckles of these boots, turns out the buckles were on the opposite side that the jeans would expose, but I like it this way too. If you follow me?

I like this look a lot with the skin shed too. I found this shirt at a vintage store downtown, I like it a lot because to me it's the equivalent of haphazardly finding a cool piece of art at a thrift store or yard sale, but instead I get to wear it on my shirt! To me it looks like an escaped subject from Guernica haha (Don't know how many art history buffs I may have offended with that comment, I'm taking art history 101 next semester and will repent my sins).