Scanned this from a book I borrowed from the library a while back. My brain gets the same reaction from looking at this photo as it does after just walking into a vintage store loaded with stylish wears. Definitely motivation towards building a closet of my own that evokes a similar response!

Hope to find time to snap some decent outfit photos soon or at least put together a post of some inspirational menswear or somethin. I need to stop gallivanting around and stop neglecting my poor blog... but it's summer! I'm on the cusp of another major wardrobe restructuring (AKA hauling garbage bags busting with clothes to buffalo exchange. Thus completing the wardrobe circle of life, only to immediately begin again), so I'll most likely report back when that's all sorted out.



We all have some sort of inspiration reserve for certain subjects. Unfortunately, the account of the number one site I used for David Bowie pics has been suspended! I did save most of my favorites though, so I figured I'd ensure that these amazing photos be scattered off into the internet. Plus I take any excuse to post away from myself, since I consider myself to be to fashion blogging photography as Richard Nixon was to presidential photography. I'm pretty sure all the pics may not fit perfectly on the page, but I figured you guys would appreciate every byte of the original size more for saving and whatnot.



Haven't really had time to put together a coherent post since I've been gallivanting around since I was let out for summer. In the meantime, here's some pictures I've taken with my cell while out shopping. Uhh they're rather dark and green (Like zombie or gangrene photos?) but I think you can get the gist of some rather cool footwear.

These are very, very nice. The leather was perfect on these! I left them, though, because they're a bit too dressy to translate well into my wardrobe.

After I so gingerly shoved the newspaper back into the shoes, I thought it was cool that the newspaper looked like wings coming out of the shoes.

Cool pair of black boots...

I love tanned leather! These were too small for my feet though...

Love the snakeskin detail on these! These read Keith Richards year 3000 to me. Would've gotten em but they were too big!

I'm not really into white shoes, but these were a very nice muted shade of white (not like you can tell from my shitty pic, you'll have to take my word for it I guess...). Too small though! Playing vintage Goldilocks can be very frustrating!



Vintage shark skin shirt, secondhand top, American Apparel scarf, random shorts, and Stacey Adams shoes.

I'm sure many style enthusiasts are just as tenacious as I am about holding onto our wardrobe staples that don't exactly go well with summer weather; going as long as we can before giving into the sweltering heat. After another round of final exams, and with the heat waves creeping ever closer to Orange County, summer is near. And with the arrival of summer comes another chance for me to try to find the balance between fashion & function (yayy)! Thought I'd experiment with some summer layering in this outfit shot, it held up against 80's weather pretty well. Was really inspired by the latest Miharayasuhiro collection...

Although I sincerely doubt that anyone could keep cool in that leather vest, it's nice to dream on about wearing flowy, nomadic layers.

Gotta run to my cousin's graduation!


21 Men cardigan (The good folks at 21 Men featured me in their Spring LookBook, click! Thanks guys!), vintage shirt, necklace, and leather pantaloons, and Stacey Adams sandals.

Lazy Sunday at home, so I thought I'd take our dog Ricky out for a photoshoot...

It was a lot hotter outside than I thought it was, so we didn't stay out too long...

Got this necklace for about two bucks. I try not to buy too many accessories that are cheap, but I think this necklace looks pretty good and the price sure is right. I love the color combo of this shirt. Lee Vining is a town outside of Tioga pass that my family and I always stop by before heading up through the pass. I found this at a flea market, a pretty out of the blue find, but a great one! Here's a photo from the town that I scanned from a postcard. It's one of my favorite photos.