Levi's jeans, Vintage jacket, shirt, and Doc Martens

What Glam Guy Cruz wears on his day off. The jacket is reversible, which is one of those great fashion innovations which I can't understand why everybody doesn't do. What's more fun than two-in-one?



Fluxus jacket, GoodOn shirt, Levi's jeans, vintage hat, belt, and boots

I'm fascinated with aviation gear, my fascination probably has roots in my childhood aspiration to pilot an X-Wing. My grandpa gave me this pilot's hat ages ago, but I finally found it in the depths of our garage back home! I'm not sure of any other details, because my grandpa was in the army but he was also in a lot of plays so I have no idea where it really came from.

I thought I'd style it for the blog in a way that wasn't too on the nose, cos I'd be pretty lazy to style it with a bomber. So I opted for a jacket with a sprawling collar, a raggedy old handkerchief, and tie-dye that looks like noxious green clouds for some aviation vibes. Not sure if I look like I'm ready to take flight or take a ride on the short bus, but I like it.

Here's the look without the hat...

... and a detail shot.



Levi's denim jacket and pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction boots, vintage nylon racer jacket

I scored this vintage racer jacket at a flea market for two bucks. It's a large, and I usually wear a small, but for two bucks I don't mind. The material to spare makes it perfect for layering in the rain. It’s great because the material is so light; it's layering that doesn't have an adverse, straightjacket effect. I guess wearing it over a denim jacket may give off some Midwest, NASCAR vibes, but hey, it's all relative to your perspective.

I got these motorcycle boots at Crossroads in Silver Lake. I've always had a hard time finding a pair of classic motorcycle ankle boots, so I was happy to finally land a pair.



American Apparel tee, Levi's jeans, Doc Marten shoes, vintage shirt, coat, bag, and fur vest.

Once in a while I'll mess around with pops of color, and I always find color pops most successfully at my feet. I like the blue on these because they pop and all that fun stuff but they're not Dayglo diarrhea blue.

I wanted to style them in a way that I thought would deviate from what you might see blue Doc Martens styled with. Somehow, I ended up dusting off some stale Prada S/S 11 wedge inspiration and color coordination, as well as fur ball Olsen twin looks and glam guy inspiration, like from Brian Jones wandering around Monterey Pop in a fur trimmed wizard's coat.