I've always loved paparazzi shots of 60's rock stars, and lately it's been unbearably hot. Put these two in my mind, give me about 10 minutes to try stuff on from a pile of my clothes, and you have this:

Vintage flick jean jacket, vintage Ray Bans, vintage scarf, random shorts, and vintage Stacey Adams shoes.

I'd have to say that most of my inspiration came from these pictures:

There's something about the styling here that's so over the top, and frankly a little off, and I like that. It's very devil may care. They're rich, they're famous, and talented, in furs, and don't give a flying fuck.

"It’s not I want to be that. It’s I want to feel that.”

I think this is the first time I've worn sunglasses on the blog. I love sunglasses, I really do, it's just one of the only pairs I have are these Ray Bans from way back when and it's not that they're not nice or anything, but I avoid em because they're so synonymous with the whole hipster look. But I also happen to like them, and I think they happen to be a classic despite being worn by skinny bitches the world over. So I threw em on to add some glamour, or what have you. That, and I wanna protect my eyes.

Other than attributing being a little more busy than usual lately to the slow down in posts, it's just too damn hot to wear clothes right now.



This past Sunday was my 17th birthday, so I decided to do some hypothetical birthday shopping with my hypothetical fortune.

Not to say I didn't have a great birthday, I spent it with friends and family and went to Disneyland courtesy of the Disney empire itself. The reason I went to Disneyland for free is the same reason I'm hypothetically luxury shopping. Although I have to admit that a lot of the vintage stuff I see, and own for that matter, is a lot more appealing to me than some of the stuff these high fashion monster brands churn out saison apres saison. The only real advantage the fashion houses have over vintage is the footwear, other than that it's not like I can't find something with just as much creative quality in a dusty nook of a dimly lit vintage shop.

But this post isn't all about trashing high fashion, it's also Denim on Denim's 100th post! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you, the readers, for coming back and supporting the blog. And also that I'm happy to have had the chance to correspond with some of you and that whenever you link to this blog or pass it along to one of your friends, it means a lot. So thank you! :)



Found this great band jacket-alike at a local vintage shop the other day. It's great for someone who's constantly looking for an actual band jacket, since it has a similar look and feel, but this one is lighter and most definitely more casual than a real band jacket. Which fits my wardrobe at the moment better, actually. Makes me wish more of my wardrobe came with summer versions. And that I had an excuse to wear an actual band jacket everyday.

Buttoned up...

Vintage jacket, micro mesh shirt from American Apparel, Cheap Monday jeans, and vintage snakeskin ankle boots.

Some changes for the blog are in the works, so stand tuned. School starts tomorrow, wish me luck!


Touching on the new frontier of fashionably accepted androgynous menswear here at Denim on Denim is not new, it's just something I love to talk about because I feel that blurring gender lines is the wave of the future for menswear. Wearing women's clothes isn't as crude as throwing on your mom's dresses or your sister's skirts, it can be done with much more thought and consideration of the wearer and with style and grace. So when I saw Jean Paul Gaultier's tube top clad runway models, I thought to myself: "Why the hell not?"

Sure, the denim top isn't exactly subtle, it's probably there for the shock factor. But the other tops I feel are skilfully styled and are what androgynous risks should be like, the look works for men from all walks of life. Covering the shoulders tones down the look considerably, but still conveys the message of bold androgyny. I could see this look working for all kinds of men. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Let's say a style like this catches on and ends up being force fed to people in fashion/style magazines, and all types of men start trying it, of course there's gonna be some not particularly stylish people wearing it. That's life, no one wants to see their hairy Uncle Soupy in a tube top or skirt, good god, but that doesn't mean the idea shouldn't be encouraged. It's not like all styles are supposed to work for everyone anyway, your mom doesn't wear Balmain skinny jeans and she doesn't have to.

Naturally, being a fashion racehorse of sorts and being wedged deep within my awkward teenage years, I decided to give the look a spin. I just pulled down my AA raglan and threw a red polyester shirt over it.

I also had on a self made buffalo tooth necklace, shorts from Target, orange bracelet from Ventura CA, skull bracelets from a flea market in Big Bear CA, and my favorite Stacey Adams sandal, shoe, things.

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The wind in my heart, the dust in my head

I'm back from my trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Besides being a beautiful place to unwind, recharge, and escape, it also has a tremendous effect on my personal style. Places have just as much power as people to sway us, all too often I've gone to get dressed and chose an outfit to fit dusty high desert roads or glacier carved mountain ranges. My friend took these pictures of me a while back, this outfit I think embodies the part of my sense of style influenced by the landscape and sights of the Mono Basin, a basin home to the large salt water Mono Lake and offers a gateway to the Sierras to the west. This outfit's actually got some denim on denim, cheers for relevance.

I have on a secondhand Levi's shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, thrifted messenger, watch from a flea market, and secondhand calf hair boots.

Pictures I took from the view from Panum crater

I continue to be smitten by these boots to this day. An amazing go-to item for some added texture, plus they add a lot to a casual outfit. An element of styling I've always appreciated is having something unexpected and subtle to make an average outfit that much more interesting. It's great to have one of a kind pieces in your wardrobe that never cease to inspire.

By the way, I saw this guy in a skirt down by the South Tufa. REPRESENT.


Winner of the Current/Elliot Jeans...

Congrats to Daniel! I thought this was a really cool way of showing me how he'd wear it, I love the outfit and it looks like a real page from a magazine. Plus he's a guy, and I gotta support my sex wearing skinny jeans! Thanks so much to those that participated, here's some cool entries I received:

Chauss from je ne sais quoi

Gisela from heights of fashion

For the next week I'll be here:

But you guys will be in my: