American Apparel t-shirt, Gap leather pants, vintage jacket, skirt, and boots

My quest for achieving the intergalactic genderfuck look has yielded some interesting looks. It's just become hard for me to get jazzed about getting dressed these days without a little humor in the proportions, conventions, etc. Expect to see a lot more funky proportions and skirts here as I continue my quest.



American Apparel sweater, Levi's jeans, vintage jacket, tank, necklace, and ostrich leather boots

I always like bustin out my sloppy shoulder sweaters for summer to show off strategically placed tank top straps and things. When I'm twisting tank top straps I'm thinking of old Helmut Lang polaroids, dunno how much it shows though. Same instances of minimalism from last post around my neck and at my feet. Will probably sacrifice and sweat underneath my leather jacket all summer long.



American Apparel shirt, Gap leather pants, vintage jacket, necklace, and ostrich boots

I don't wear very many button-ups on this blog, but I've become pretty partial to a few chambray shirts I've picked up recently. It's really hard for me just to wear a button-up outside of a professional context without desperately trying to subvert it, which I am trying to do here by layering on black leather and nylon textures and by crowning it with my metal and leather necklace.

Finally on summer break, which means I should finally be able to consistently post new content! Yay!


Levi's jeans, vintage sharkskin shirt, coat, bracelets, belt, and boots

I’d rather get dressed for the inside of comic book panels and video game overworlds than anything I actually get dressed for these days. For this outfit I was aspiring to look like Ichi the Killer’s wimpier twin. The movie adaptation of Ichi is one of my favorite cinematic instances of sharkskin, definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it (though you may want to gauge your threshold for blood and guts and all that fun stuff).

The busted backlight on my MacBook made a liar out of me, but see! A new post!