What I Wore Sunday

I was gonna post this yesterday, but got distracted and I didn't remember until later and by then it was so late I figured I'd just post it today. But anyway, it was a beautiful day and a little chilly so I took full advantage and threw this together.

Suede jacket with corduroy panels, secondhand, shirt and scarf from American Apparel, jeans from H&M, random watch and random beanie, and second hand ankle boots.
My brother photographed me again, he said I looked like I was ready for the snow LOL. I really dig this look, I mean I dig all of my looks LOL, but I loved lounging around the house in this all day when I could have easily swapped it for pajamas.
This is the first time I've really worn anything on my head for so long, I'm not really a hat person, but this beanie for me was the cherry on top. I feel like I wanna wear this beanie with everything now. Although just about all of my friends and family wear beanies so they may think I'm just catching on hahah.
I always like to show a detail shot of my boots, but since the lighting was bad on the floor, I decided to have a little photo shoot.

Love these boots.

I scanned some cool stuff recently I'll post soon. It's also spring break next week and I'm staying in LA for a few days! So excited! Hopefully I'll find some cool things, eh? ;-)

P.S. THE DREAM IS OVER. Yoox sold out of the Margielas I've been stalking in my size. My fault really, I wasn't willing to cough up the 400 bucks.


Fixated On One Star (Inspiration Board #6)

Oh yes, and thanks to Chauss for the lovely shoutout on her awesome blog je ne sais quoi. Which I'm sure most of you read already!


What I'm Wearing Saturday the 28th

Today I had some friends over to jam and ate pizza and this is what I wore. LOL sound familiar? I thought I'd switch it up, so I had my brother photograph me.

I've got on a random girl's plaid shirt (the only ones that fit me), American Apparel raglan, Cheap Monday jeans, homemade alligator tooth necklace, pentagram from ebay with my own chain, 3 rings my mom gave me, and my good ol calf hair boots.

The skinny on some things:
I wear my calf hair boots only on the weekends, because I'd never forgive myself if I wrecked them at school, so most Saturday outfits are gonna include em.

I edited my address in the picture so you can't stalk me, sorry guys!

No, I'm not Wiccan. Although I have an obsession of all things magical and have always mused over the girl who wears a kaftan with bare feet, wears tons of necklaces so her neck is green, has long messy hair, and works at some failing new age store. I was on ebay the other day and found this one for 4.95 with shipping, and since I've wanted one for more than a year now and I had 5 bucks on a master card gift card just begging to be spent, it was a done deal. It also came with a clip to hang on a hoodie zipper, but more on that later!

My brother and I's friend went to Florida some time ago and he gave my brother this alligator tooth in a jar. Being the wonderful brother I am, I stole it and made a necklace out of it! It's cool though, he didn't mind. I love this necklace so much, I love the beastly, headhunter charm. I love the way the pentagram and the tooth necklace look together too, very witchy which is exactly what I was going for.

Hope your weekend has been great

Transgressional Fashion: Skirts For Men

I've always been fascinated with the idea that clothes are just clothes. If you were born with the idea that football jocks wore pink sequin floor length ball gowns, you'd think that was pretty damn masculine! There really are no boy and girl clothes. And although cross dressing is nothing new in fashion, for men the taboo items have always been skirts and dresses. However, now more than ever it seems, skirts (or kilts, although personally I feel that's just a euphemism) for men are appearing in magazines and on runways all over. And I for one am enthralled, what a way to stick it to the man! It's a defiant redefinition of a garment, totally pushing the limits of fashion as we know it.

From the new Vogue Hommes International, this essentially sums up why Carine Roitfeld is my favorite stylist. This is cool on so many different levels, there are some amazing individual pieces (i.e. that AMAZING Prada jacket) being paired with more crude punky pieces and it is so so inspiring. And although I think using a plaid kilt is kind of expected when it comes to men's skirts, I happen to like plaid and think this still looks kickass. I'd wear these looks head to toe (sans the makeup though, too fussy).

Scans from thefashionspot. Click for the whole editorial!

One of my favorite runway collections of all time, and one that featured skirts, was Number (N)ine's F/W 09/10 show.

I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life. I think the skirts don't stick out as something the model may have grabbed from his sister's closet, but rather fit perfectly with fantastical look and aren't overtly feminine. I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life. This is merely the tip of the iceberg about this collection, I could go on forever so we'll just leave it at that. Did I mention that I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life? Because I could. Although I'd miss my ankle boots.

Rick Owens is kinda a given, but I think the skirts work so well here. Even the middle dress looks masculine to me. For whatever reason, I could imagine a Native American tribe leader wearing that and looking out of this world.

If you wanna see most of the menswear skirt looks from f/w 09/10 at a glance, here's a great collage of some looks I scanned from the April Vogue Paris I just received in the mail.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And lastly: What do you, my dear reader, think of men in skirts? Feel free to say whatever the hell you feel like, I'd love to know! And no, I doubt you'll see me in a skirt any time soon. And although I would not be adverse to the idea, I truly have nowhere to wear it. Especially when I'm still at a point in my life where I could get beat up very easily LOL. However, I cannot predict the future and my #1 fashion motto is: "Never say never."


We're All of Us Haunted and Haunting (Inspiration Board #5)

Pictures from keep feeling fascination, dear nike, the fashionspot, and style. Almost a follow up from the last one, I'm still in the same kind of mood.


Fashion Math

Here's some pairings I really dig together as of late. The fashion police is really gonna be on my ass after this one. ;-)


What I Wore Yesterday

On Sunday I went out with some friends to hangout. Yup, another outfit post. I don't actually get dressed as much as you think, if I'm not going out I just wear my brother's PE uniform from middle school...cough.

I'm wearing a H&M hoodie vest, American Apparel cardigan, my dad's watch and a random watch, vintage El Dia De Los Muertos shirt that used to be my dad's, H&M jeans, and second hand Stacey Adams boots.
This silhouette was a staple during fall/winter, perfect for the socal cold (but not too cold). Usually worn with the rest of my closet (I use the word closet very loosely since I actually do not have a closet believe it or not) thrown on too.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday's Outfit

Today I helped the family with a yard sale, had a jam session, and ate Mexican Food and this is what I wore.

I have on a shirt from American Apparel, vintage suede leather shirt, my dad's watch band, H&M jeans, and Rois calf hair boots.
I picked up that shirt last weekend while Vintage Store shopping. It's a really worn material that I think is suede leather. The huge collar is pretty outrageous. I'm gonna try to squeeze it into my summer wardrobe, however I keep forgetting just how hot it gets around here. Also, my calf hair boots have become the new darlings of my wardrobe. They add some much needed quirkiness/beastliness to any outfit.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great

Under My Skin (Inspiration Board #4)

I should probably tell you where I found these pictures, but to be honest I don't even remember. However, I know there's one from purple magazine s/s 08, and one vogue paris aout 07 via diorette(she's amazing for scanning so many pictures), and random pictures picked up from probably blogs and the fashion spot. If one of these is your scan or something, lemme know and I'll give you credit! ;-)

P.S. I have a French class project to do about fashion week, easiest A ever me thinks?

What I'm Wearing Today 3/18/09

I'm wearing vintage shirt, cheap monday jeans, dad's watch, and second hand boots. I feel awkward smiling (especially when my neighbors are watching me), but I didn't think my usual ":|" would fit the mood of my look~.
Nothing like a t-shirt that's older than you are.

I picked this up for a fin at a yard sale this past weekend. The seller told me it belonged to a jazz musician who used to use the phrase in the 70s. I've always wanted to play the saxophone myself to be honest, once I master la guitarra that is.

P.S. I ripped the seat of the jeans featured in the picture whilst putting on a sock... hopefully I (by which I mean my mom) can fix em!


Runway Inspiration

I'm not gonna lie, it's weird actually being excited about men's wear shows. Usually it's just a sea of suits and ties that, despite their quality/whatever, I easily can scope out similar looks at say... the bank? Not very inspiring. Although some designers do push the envelope, and here's two collections that inspire me at the moment.

pictures from wwd
Although spring is approaching, I'm gonna let go of my baggy layers kicking and screaming. These I feel are a desert traveler's clothes, they're very unkempt and are quite exotic looking. I really like the color of the boots in the middle picture, especially paired with that ensemble. I wish I had more clothes like these in my wardrobe. I desperately need more scarves and baggy coats.

pictures from the fashionspot
This one's a bit old but damn. It's hard to find clothes that keep you from melting in hot weather but still hold up in the cool department, and these look like they do just that. Particularly I like the shorts and shoes. The shoes look especially fashion forward. Although I'm not a huge fan of flats (haha), these look amazingly cool and the blue color I like (I've seen em in black too though). I wish I could find detail pictures of the shoes but, my search so far has been in vain. These make the sting of not finding any good shoes to wear with shorts all the more painful.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wore the one green shirt I have today, I hope you didn't get pinched too bad if you didn't. I pinched my friend today and she kicked me, just sayin.


Oh yes and,

I am featured on Pret A Porter Prostitute as site of the moment! Thanks a lot!

Try to have a good Monday! Try to. ;-)

New Ankle Boots (Again)

Yeah, I have an ankle boot fetish, no question. I trekked with my dad over to Huntington Beach today to shop, and I made away with these guys and some other interesting finds.

Here's the story about these boots, they're a size 12 and I'm a 10 (in boots, for sneakers 10 and a half and I'm roughly a 43 European). Irregardless, these fit pretty well and are walkable surprisingly for being a whopping 2 sizes bigger than my foot. They do make my feet look huge, but I don't care in the slightest. As for the details, they're Stacey Adams boots just like my black ones, and have similar futuristic panels as well, strange coincidence huh? They're pretty worn and are a grey leather, which I think makes them more futuristic looking. But I think my favorite detailing on these, is the zipper.

How low can it go? This makes me think even more than someone traveled in time to 2085, nicked these from a spaceship, traveled back in time, and sold them to me at American Vintage (or 1985...).
Here's me wearing them. I actually didn't have to edit the lighting, woo! I decided to edit the first one because it was a lot darker upon second glance, but I like the lighting in the second picture.

I'm wearing American Apparel 50/50 shirt, H&M jeans (I took it upon myself to wear a different pair of jeans that I've yet to show on the blog), second hand Stacey Adams boots, my dad's watch I "borrow", and another new find: a red leather coat.
On the way home, we stopped off at The Lab, an outdoor mall where the OC hipster population comes to meet and is always good for a heaving dose of second hand smoke (blech), but it does have some cool stores and a magazine stand that is well stocked with assorted international fashion mags. I found this baby there at Buffalo Exchange for only 25 bucks! I wish it'd stay colder longer here because I have a feeling it's gonna sit in my closet until next fall, but it was pretty chilly today so I threw it on ASAP!
Also, my inspiration for my outfit was to throw in as many different colored leathers as possible, so I threw on my dad's vintage watch strap. This is also the closest I can get to my fashion bondage looks I love so dearly (probably for the best). Here's the details:

And here's a detail shot of the pockets on the coat too because I love them. And because you haven't had enough of my flash overkill yet.

I got two other things I'll post sometime soon. These "shopping sprees" have taken a toll to my wallet though LOL, I haven't bought this much stuff in a while.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend! Also, thanks very much for the comments! I love hearing from my readers! :)

Buenos noches

Some inspiring bling bling (yeah right)

One of my favorite parts of the fashion world accessories, particularly jewelry, so I decided to do a post on some designs that have been capturing my imagination as of late.

Fulco di Verdura

This Sicilian jeweler's designs really caught my eye while flipping through this month's Vogue Paris. Vulco has an article in it which I scanned below, however be forewarned that they are terrible scans, but you get the gist. This month's issue is focused on Chanel, and Vulco designed jewelry for Chanel in the late 1920's, so he's featured. I don't know if I've been under a rock because I'd never heard of him until I saw the article and his designs have been around roughly 60 years before I was born. I really like all of the designs I've seen so far, particularly the shells and hearts. I could imagine some wonderfully eccentric woman donning these and looking amazing. It makes me want to be more eccentric in the accessories department.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin for Rodarte jewelry

I've always had an eyeball obsession, and I would definitely want something like one of these pieces. A necklace of them would be amazing. I don't recall them being seen on anybody off the runway though, if you have a picture of someone rockin' em, don't hesitate to show me!

Bill Cunningham A Dash of Color

I'm not sure of the designer name, I just found this picture browsing blogs (can't remember where, if it's yours say hey!) which is from Bill Cunningham's A Dash of Color video. I found this the most inspiring though. I could imagine those being thrown with any outfit and instantly making it more interesting. I may try to DIY this soon by melting plastic together or something, but I'm a bit ahead of myself since I haven't even started the Margiela shirt, but I plan to soon. My sewing helper (aka la mere) is very busy this week, so it's on hiatus.

Hope your week's goin well

New Ankle Boots Pt.2

These were the other pair of ankle boots I purchased, and no you don't have to feed them. When I first saw these, I thought the idea of boots like these were hilarious, and then when I left vintage store I thought to myself: "#&*^#% I love hilarious! Why did you not buy those?!? They're amazing!" As the weeks went by, their barbaric/primal/impractical/beastly charm invaded my consciousness even more and I pressured my Dad to speed me back to pick up these babies ASAP. At the time I had no idea what size they were, I just knew I wanted them. But when I finally returned, I saw them waiting for me and IN MY SIZE. Seriously an epic fashion moment if there ever was one. As for the boots, I don't know what fur they're covered in exactly, if anybody knows, help me out! ;-) Their brand is Rois, I think. The logo is worn on both pairs believe it or not. But I'm sure there's some wonderful shoes like these south of the border, down Mexico way, if anybody reading wants a similar pair. The influence of Mexican culture here in So Cal is great.
Here's me wearin em. I have a cold at the moment, so I look even more enthusiastic than usual.

I'm wearin here an American Apparel cardigan, scarf, and 50/50 shirt, H&M hoodie vest, random watch I got when I was 7, Cheap Monday jeans, and second hand fur boots. I do indeed have more than 2 pairs of jeans, I have 4, OKAY? :p You could say it's one of my more neglected sides of my wardrobe but a good pair of jeans can get you through the week pretty well.
Oh, and because I never smile:

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, I'll be sittin' here lurking the net for new Paris Fashion Week stuff until my eyes dry up. Every new collection is like unwrapping presents at Christmas, seriously! The spring shows aren't for 6 months!


Dans le vent

Paris Fashion Week is upon us!!! The happiest time of the fashion year for me! Gareth Pugh delivered an awesome collection today (despite lack of a runway show), but what I really loved were these pictures of Natasha Vojnovic (star of the video presentation) walking with her f/w 09/10 Gareth Pugh dress:


That cape is soo beautiful. I'm gonna assume you already saw the picture on Jak&Jil with her, with what look to be, Louboutin heels. I feel they were the cherry on top with some added sexiness to the ensemble.

Happy Fashion Week!

New Ankle Boots pt.1

On Saturday I purchased two new pairs of ankle boots and here's the first pair:

I really really love these boots. The red color is right up my alley, red's my favorite color (especially dark shades) and I actually don't have a lot of red clothes so these are soo perfect. I also love the design on the boots, I love western style clothes and accessories as you might have observed, and although all ankle boots like these are kinda western, these are the first overtly western pair I've bought. I don't see any brand name on them, but they're definitely old. Although a steal at only 45 bucks! In my opinion anyways because a new pair is like 90 and these are definitely cooler than any new Boot Barn pair...
(Sorry they're a bit dirty, I haven't bothered to properly clean and polish them. Also when I began to photograph them, I noticed I had stepped in dog shit with them and washed the bottoms, just saying.)

Anyways, here's me wearing em with another new purchase. My dad's friends own a vintage clothing store and I bought this there, it's a really old and faded Flick brand, to be quite honest I don't know the name for it, I suppose patches? Panels? Lifted edged? At any rate, it's a really cool old jean jacket that I hope to get a lot of wear out of this summer, or sooner, things have already begun to warm up here in Orange County.

Here's a back shot too to show the pattern.

I'm wearing a vintage Flick jean jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, second hand boots, and a belt my dad gave me, I forget if it's visible. I'm sorry the lighting in the picture is soo bad, you can't really see the color of the boots.
My color inspiration was from this picture of backstage Prada f/w 09/10,

I'll post the other pair of ankle boots soon, they're pretty outrageous so be excited. ;)


Potential DIY?


While perusing the Martin Margiela thread on TFS, I came across this piece which is "men's artisanal line 0/10 partial shirt made from top of tee-shirt and dress shirt sleeves". I think I just may have to jump on the blogger DIY bandwagon for this one. This would make a wicked cool vest, thingy. I've always found Margiela's artisanal line particularly interesting. The concept of completely deconstructing something and putting it back together to make something new, is really inspiring. I also think the line embodies taking the world out of context and challenging the perception of what we know about fashion. I have some shirts in mind I can use for this, so we'll just see how it comes out.

Credit to fashion.fashoff from TFS for the pic