What I Wore In LA / Vintage Espionage

Here's a picture my uncle took of me when I was in LA, keep in mind I'm not a model LOL. Cool picture though.

I've got on a Levi's denim shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, borrowed watch, second hand messenger bag, and second hand calf hair boots. I got the messenger bag at Out Of The Closet in LA, a great find for me it's exactly what I wanted. I'll post more pictures of it soon.
Today I also went shopping a bit at my favorite vintage store American Vintage and got new shoes (which I'll post in a bit), but I also took some more pictures of some things I stalk at that store...

This leather jacket is totally rad and I'm gonna get it for when the weather gets colder again, the detailing reminds me of scales.

I thought this plaid cardigan was pretty cool, saw it for the first time today.

These are my dream worker boots, but sadly they're in a shoe size equivalent to a stick of butter, so I cannot fit into them.

There's more amazing things there but that's all I took today, hope everyone has a good weekend!