Vintage custom Cuban blazer, American Apparel micro-mesh shirt, Gap leather pants, and vintage boots.

You know how I said I shouldn't buy leather pants going into summer? Yeah? Well for half off of 25 bucks on a practically new pair of Gap leather pants, I made an obvious exception. I picked them up at a local antique store. My dad had actually spied them before and let me know about them, so I went down and took a look at them. When I first had a look at them, I didn't see the reason I should gamble on these pants, since I'd be breaking my rule of not buying pants without first trying them on (no dressing rooms and a non-return policy), so I let them be. A few weeks later I thought I'd check them out again, and upon closer inspection, I realized they were half off (aka 13 bucks) and experienced a reaction similar to this cat. So I put my social awkwardness aside for the moment, and learnt upon asking that I could try them on in their bathroom (which is always fun when there's no locks), where I found them to be a great fit.

So for the the initiation of the pants onto the blog and the end of a search that has been ongoing since the very beginning of my interest in fashion, I thought I'd gussy myself up in a Givenchy-inspired outfit. Mostly since I seem to have various pieces of a wannabe Givenchy Homme wardrobe lying around anyway. The blazer I found for a dollar in a pile of vintage clothing, according to the tag it's Cuban and was a custom job. I've always liked the idea of wearing something dressy like a sport coat with something way less proper and more rocker (SO BAD... I dunno it just came to me... thought I'd share the butchered Dr. Seuss lameness), ie leather pants.
Can't wait to style these pants six ways from Sunday, I'll do an outfit post when I finish off this cold that's gone from my chest, to my throat and ears, and is now being flushed out my nose. Bonne journee!



I actually scanned this pic before the Chanel FW 10/11 show, and you can imagine what came to mind when I fist saw pics from the show. Hunting narwhals is so chic you guys!

Like a good blogger, I completely FORGOT to pack my camera to the Long Beach Flea Market yesterday! It sucked reaching for my camera when I saw something that caught my eye and realizing I didn't have it LOL. I'll make it up to you guys though, I promise.



These sandals! I'm thinkin they're Kansai Yamamoto - I wish there was more shoes like these around for guys...

Really into the boots he's wearing since I'm into foot wear that makes me feel like I have tall leathery hooves for feet.

Scanned these pics from a book on Japan I borrowed from the library. In the process of hunting down some decent geta sandals for myself... but I would much rather have the pair of sandals the puppeteer is wearing!

I've been scanning like a mad man lately, so expect a post sometime this week! I was thinking of starting an image blog since I've always secretly wanted to anyway. That way there'd be a part of the Denim on Denim universe that'd be updated more routinely. What do you guys think? I just have to settle on a name lol!



Levi's jacket, vintage tunic, Zara scarf, vintage knickers, and 50s rain boots

Picked up these leather knickers at a vintage shop while I was staying in LA over break. FINALLY. It's pretty tiring sifting through endless racks (or piles) of vintage clothes, because the abundance of vintage flannels and ironic animal sweaters isn't so easy on the eyes. I've been starving for something, scratch that, anything impractical and just plain strange. I found my fix in these pants, an embodiment of two things that I always have my eye out for: leather bottoms and knickers. I hope to find more of both of these in the course of my future vintage shopping trips, but I'm not sure how likely that will be since there doesn't seem to be much of a place for the leather bottoms or knickers wearing gentleman.

My outfit was inspired by one part Givenchy Menswear S/S 09 and one part this photo of Keef:

I'm so obsessed with that scarf that Keith wore for the Stones' 1972 tour of the states. I recently learned, according to Up & Down With the Rolling Stones, that it is in fact a prayer rug. I'm in the process of seeking out random yards of fabric and rags to work on my take, although I have to say my Zara scarf has served me well for adding a finishing drapey, messy touch to most outfits. In typical Cruz fashion, I threw on a military-esque jacket as a finishing touch to this particular look. Probably looks pretty kinky commando paired with the leather shorts, but whatever.

Another addition to my list of 'FINALLY's, is that I scored a peasenty, linen looking top. It has been a damn near impossible search, since to find one that's not embroidered with flowers or one that's not sized for a 13-yr-old girl is a rare occurrence. I'm not blasting it in this post though because I'm probably gonna wear it to death this summer.

I've been looking for a pair of leather pants ever since Givenchy F/W 08/09 came into my life, but it's been really hard to find a pair that fits and looks right. So the task of properly seeking out a decent pair has been stuck in the stagnant sea that is my 'To Do List'. With summer around the bend, it's probably not a good idea to seek out a pair of leather pants just yet anyway.