Some Constant Sources Of Inspiration

You know what you think of when you go to get dressed? Or what you look at when you need a flooding feeling of inspiration? Well here's some pictures like that for me, maybe they'll (or already) inspire you!

This is a picture from an editorial in Paris Vogue August 2008, styled by Emmanuelle Alt and shot by Terry Richardson. I'm not quite sure why I love this photo so much, it's pretty casual but I just love the leather pants paired with the light blue collared shirt. I've been hunting for some leather pants like those for so long. One thing that really caught my interest was the fact that the leather pants almost loose their power paired so casually with something very proper (le chemisier bleu). If I could swap the flats for some ankle boots I'd be rarin to go.

This is probably a weird one LOL, but this guy is the Poe Salesman in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time video game. I just love his whole vibe, he's a dark enigma, so inspiring. If any of you have ever visited his shop in the video game (and BELIEVE ME there's some nerds readin this), you know exactly what I'm talking about. Plus he sells ghosts, an epic occupation. Believe me when I'm cruisin round Hyrule, I love to find excuses to check up on him.

This is definitely one of my top 5 photos of all time. I first stumbled upon this photo on Jane's amazing blog sea of shoes (idk why I'm linking it, yall obviously read it!), and it immediately stuck with me. The problem was I had no idea where the picture came from or who was in it. Granted I could have asked her, but I was a bit e-shy at the time. Anyway, one day I randomly googled Clint Eastwood and this picture came up. Needless to say my jaw hit the floor. I have yet to see any of The Dollars trilogy, I don't know if that makes me a poser, but for now the pictures I've accumulated from them are tidin me over until I do. I hope to convey a bit of the aesthetic of this photo with the way I dress.

That was probably a mouthful, but I figured I'd give you guys somethin other than an outfit post or inspiration board which I seem be posting an abundance of lately. Also, I signed up for the google analytics thing which says I have a lot of new readers (maybe because I joined it less than a week ago), but regardless if you're new or not, thanks so much for reading and thanks so much for the comments, I love hearing from you guys! :)