Warmer Weather Uniform

Wore this the other day...

I'm wearing a secondhand cardigan coat thing, 'See Thru' shirt from American Apparel, track shorts from Target, and Stacey Adams shoes from the flea market. Expect to see a lot of these pieces this summer. A lot.

While walking around at the flea market, I saw these in the corner of my eye. Did a 180 to go investigate... could not believe that they were only five dollars and in my size! I have a doppelganger pair of these in brown too (that I'll post soon) adding to the craziness of the find. I'm smitten by these, they remind me of something we'd see from Givenchy nowadays. The way they show some skin between crisscrossing black leather makes for a very cool fashion bondage effect. The fact they cover my ugly toes is a plus too LOL. I'm very attracted to this style of shoe, which I'm really not sure what to call - help me out guys?

I also have an octopus pin on the pocket of the coat thing which I got from this great ebay store called roddoctor that has mass amounts of animal pins. Love having this little guy tag along with me all day haha.

Getting my haircut tommorrow... nothing new but wish me luck! If I sneeze during it or something, you'll be seeing a lot more of the beanie that's for sure!