Playing With Leopard Print

I borrowed my good friend's leopard cardigan to play around with. Thanks Paige! I've been wanting to play with leopard print ever since I saw that amazing ed from Vogue Hommes International. I did come across a piece of leopard fur pelt at the flea market, but passed on it due to the difficulty to fashion it into a cuff, so this Forever 21 cardigan will have to do for now.

Why so serious? (Does anybody say that anymore? Probably not. LOL)
As you can also see, my "haircut" went fine. I'm wearing a secondhand plaid shirt, cardigan from Forever 21, H&M hoodie vest, Cheap Monday jeans, watch from Cambria, and secondhand calf hair boots.
Had to drag my brother away from his video games to take these LOL. And no, he's not younger, we're actually twins (fraternal!), but thanks Sam! Sucha sport... :p

I love playing with the H&M hoodie vest, I consider it quintessential for playing with layers. Not to toot my own horn about my styling or anything, but I love how the leopard print cardigan is only showing as sleeves, so it may have someone wondering if it is part of the plaid shirt or not. A bit deceptive! And the hoodie vest, to me, wraps the whole thing together in a nice little package, toning it down. Hope to wear this this weekend. Of course I had to throw in my calf hairs to add to the beast theme going on.

Have a great Friday! I'll update this weekend.


P.S. Today in English class, I was searching Ebay for cursed things (Okay, I was really bored, we had a free period and I had no work to do. Although I probaly would've been doing it even if I wasn't extremely bored. I'm a good student though guys, straight As!) and came across this! Possibly one of the funniest things I've seen in a while, I may just have to bid on it! Watch out ladies~

Warmer Weather Uniform

Wore this the other day...

I'm wearing a secondhand cardigan coat thing, 'See Thru' shirt from American Apparel, track shorts from Target, and Stacey Adams shoes from the flea market. Expect to see a lot of these pieces this summer. A lot.

While walking around at the flea market, I saw these in the corner of my eye. Did a 180 to go investigate... could not believe that they were only five dollars and in my size! I have a doppelganger pair of these in brown too (that I'll post soon) adding to the craziness of the find. I'm smitten by these, they remind me of something we'd see from Givenchy nowadays. The way they show some skin between crisscrossing black leather makes for a very cool fashion bondage effect. The fact they cover my ugly toes is a plus too LOL. I'm very attracted to this style of shoe, which I'm really not sure what to call - help me out guys?

I also have an octopus pin on the pocket of the coat thing which I got from this great ebay store called roddoctor that has mass amounts of animal pins. Love having this little guy tag along with me all day haha.

Getting my haircut tommorrow... nothing new but wish me luck! If I sneeze during it or something, you'll be seeing a lot more of the beanie that's for sure!


Style Icon: Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison is one of my biggest inspirations of all time. Nothing I could possibly put here could do this man justice, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

P.S. Did anyone else love the new Paris Vogue as much as I did? I'll spare you a review because I'm sure most of you read about it already somewhere. I mean, lots of snake skin and denim? You rang, Carine? :p


Saturday/Flea Market Finds/Lolz

Some friends and I are getting together today, and while waiting for our other friend, I had one of them take pictures of me for the blog...

I'm wearing a track jacket from the flea market, American Apparel shirt, homemade gator tooth necklace, belt from the flea market, watch from Cambria, blue leather studded wristband from the flea market, and calf hair boots from American Vintage.

Remember me telling you guys about the pentagram also being able to be clipped on a hoodie zipper? And also track stripes? Well I had the idea to clip it onto a track jacket because I feel like it makes it more perverse. So after searching for one, the fashion gods threw me a bone. This track jacket is perfect. From the off white stripes, to the great rayon material, to the 10 dollar price tag LOL. Great for spring, expect to see more of it. ;-)

My parents got me this watch while they were in Cambria this past week. It doesn't work, so it's perpetually Friday the 4th on that watch. The wristband is another one from the flea market. I love blue leather so I had to snag this one.
And goofing off...for teh lulz.

Joe bein a diva.

Have a great weekend! :)


"I loved you a lot more when you were dead." (Inspiration Board #10ish?)

Arena Homme S/A 09, Vogue Hommes Japan #2, Undercover F/W 09/10, Chadwick Tyler photography, and what's under your skin is what's inspiring me lately. Pictures from thefashionspot and

I whipped up this board in about 10 minutes LOL, I gotta run to dinner. Will post some more fleamarket finds this weekend!


Happy Earth Day!

Green Fashion! And no, not green like 420 green...

I have on a secondhand Levi's jacket, American Apparel deep v-neck, secondhand bracelets, watch, and bag, Cheap Monday pants, and Stacey Adams boots.
(Mouse, Pinky's sister, decided to make a cameo. Mouse is the equivalent to a dog best friend for me as a kid since she acts pretty much like a dog.)
Got a lot of new wrist wear at the flea market, the watch was 5 dollars. It doesn't work, but it's only there for the eyecandy anyway. I got the wrist band with holes at a stand that had a ton of different ones for only 1-3 dollars. My dad and I took full advantage and we walked away with my messenger bag bulging with wristbands. Leather wristbands are the equivalent to bangles for guys I think. The black one was my dad's when his wrists were my size. Here's some detail shots:

Sup veiny hands
I pieced together this look with this En Vogue editorial from Vogue Paris Novembre 08 in mind:

This is my scan, but you can see the whole ed more adequately scanned here.

Some Ways You Can Help The Planet With Fashion

Most of us do this already I'm sure (I know I do, you know I do), but by buying things secondhand you reduce the amount of new products being made. That means we're not using as many natural resources and it cuts emissions produced while new products are being manufactured. Not to mention most secondhand things are light years cooler than anything you can pick up at the mall.

Give your old clothes new life by DIYing the shit out of them! A great example of very cool ways to do so are on Judy's blog Atlantis Home (Amazing blog btw!). The t-shirt skirt is my personal favorite.

Organic Fabrics!
Wear more environmentally conscious fabrics to help lessen our blow to the earth. A great place to get some cool organic cotton shirts is over at American Apparel. I personally like galaxy. One of my friends has a 'My White T-Shirt Is Green' shirt, which I love LOL (Hey Mia if you're readin!). Dunno where it's from though, I'll ask her. She got it at Target.

Not gonna lie, I'm holding out on some of my better Flea Market finds from the fear I won't have anything new/good to post in the future if I post them all at once LOL. So stay tuned guys. ;-)


Le Marché Aux Puces (Image Heavy)

Today my dad and I went to a flea market in Long Beach, and WOW! What an amazing place. So many inspiring things, a feast for the eyes and the creative soul. But ow my feet hurt still even now, it was also about 293847 degrees too, probably not the best idea to break in new sandals that day either. But no matter! I did bring my camera, so here's some things I managed to snap. Although along the line I kinda forgot I had my camera... so I missed some great photo opportunities, however I did manage take pictures of some great things.

This was the first stand we went to, love the leather skirt.

Some of these photos are really bad. I didn't want to get caught taking pictures of something I wasn't supposed to so I was whipping my camera in and out of my messenger bag, resulting in some weird photos. But I digress, this red boot is very cool with a fin detail on the foot. It's made of some reptile leather which I love.

Love these. I really like the ammo pockets. A lot of displays had jewelry, accessories, or nick nacks displayed next to weapons which I thought was funny.

Love this bag so much! I want someone I know to get this so I can live vicariously through them. I mean I could get it but I want to get 110% out of my current messenger.

There was enough junk jewelry stands to fill a small country with. If I ever need any jewelry, I know where to go now. Oddly enough, I saw about 3 doppelgangers of my mouse pin, although I failed to photograph em. I have the strangest luck running into things at places like these.

Love this bug necklace, cool elephant ones too.

Love this hat, sadly it was too small. And for only 10 dollars!

Love my animal prints.

Cool octopus necklace.

We stopped off at a stand that what was what seemed like an American Vintage overstock stand. This coat I feel is pretty rad.

LOVE this coat. Didn't get it though, decided to save my money rather than put all my eggs in one basket.

Here's me trying it on. I know I look amazing with my cold and greased up nose from the sunscreen LOL

This blue fur jacket used to be at American Vintage, I always liked it and I was shocked to see it at the flea market! I think someone would look totally mad and eccentric with it.

Cool Chinese Dragon jacket.

The back.

Cool army poncho, thing. Love the lace up collar and the weird black stains above the pockets.

Love this blazer, but it was sadly too small!

Love this chair.

I wanted this picture of The Beatles LOL, I love the fact that it's framed like that. As if they're relatives or something.

And yes I did get A LOT. For me anyways, like this place cleaned me out. Don't get me wrong though, I only spent about 50 simoleons. Lots of great deals. And don't worry though I'm loaded with great stuff for many months to come and I am satisfied. Until next month's flea market that is. ;-)