Playing With Leopard Print

I borrowed my good friend's leopard cardigan to play around with. Thanks Paige! I've been wanting to play with leopard print ever since I saw that amazing ed from Vogue Hommes International. I did come across a piece of leopard fur pelt at the flea market, but passed on it due to the difficulty to fashion it into a cuff, so this Forever 21 cardigan will have to do for now.

Why so serious? (Does anybody say that anymore? Probably not. LOL)
As you can also see, my "haircut" went fine. I'm wearing a secondhand plaid shirt, cardigan from Forever 21, H&M hoodie vest, Cheap Monday jeans, watch from Cambria, and secondhand calf hair boots.
Had to drag my brother away from his video games to take these LOL. And no, he's not younger, we're actually twins (fraternal!), but thanks Sam! Sucha sport... :p

I love playing with the H&M hoodie vest, I consider it quintessential for playing with layers. Not to toot my own horn about my styling or anything, but I love how the leopard print cardigan is only showing as sleeves, so it may have someone wondering if it is part of the plaid shirt or not. A bit deceptive! And the hoodie vest, to me, wraps the whole thing together in a nice little package, toning it down. Hope to wear this this weekend. Of course I had to throw in my calf hairs to add to the beast theme going on.

Have a great Friday! I'll update this weekend.


P.S. Today in English class, I was searching Ebay for cursed things (Okay, I was really bored, we had a free period and I had no work to do. Although I probaly would've been doing it even if I wasn't extremely bored. I'm a good student though guys, straight As!) and came across this! Possibly one of the funniest things I've seen in a while, I may just have to bid on it! Watch out ladies~