Wearing Some New LA Finds

And I use the word "New" loosely because both of the things are from a thrift store. Today was a blustery day but sunny, so I put together this outfit. Nah, I didn't wear this to school today. I never wear anything really special to school, I came there to do a job LOL but that's a whole nother post on its own. I whipped up this outfit last night while playing around in my room, but the beanie is really great for the weather today since it keeps your hair from blinding you!

Random beanie, shirt and bag from Out Of The Closet, Cheap Monday jeans, and boots from American Vintage.
My brother took the pictures again as you can see from the shadow...
I got the shirt at Out Of The Closet in LA for around 3 bucks. I love it so much, I'm a huge fan of cattle skulls and the weird writing on it just sweetens the deal. I don't know what language it's in or what it says, Hebrew maybe? I got the bag there too, I love throwing it with just about any outfit. There's some messenger bag pictures I use for inspiration I'll post soon. I know I've said I'll post things soon and I never do LOL. HOWEVER they will get posted... eventually LOL. Also while I was outside earlier I snapped a cool picture of Pinky, my cat. She's really photogenic, she has killer eyes.

I also WILL post my French Outfit picture, probably tomorrow. Because I know that's the only reason you guys are checking my blog right? ;-)