Happy Earth Day!

Green Fashion! And no, not green like 420 green...

I have on a secondhand Levi's jacket, American Apparel deep v-neck, secondhand bracelets, watch, and bag, Cheap Monday pants, and Stacey Adams boots.
(Mouse, Pinky's sister, decided to make a cameo. Mouse is the equivalent to a dog best friend for me as a kid since she acts pretty much like a dog.)
Got a lot of new wrist wear at the flea market, the watch was 5 dollars. It doesn't work, but it's only there for the eyecandy anyway. I got the wrist band with holes at a stand that had a ton of different ones for only 1-3 dollars. My dad and I took full advantage and we walked away with my messenger bag bulging with wristbands. Leather wristbands are the equivalent to bangles for guys I think. The black one was my dad's when his wrists were my size. Here's some detail shots:

Sup veiny hands
I pieced together this look with this En Vogue editorial from Vogue Paris Novembre 08 in mind:

This is my scan, but you can see the whole ed more adequately scanned here.

Some Ways You Can Help The Planet With Fashion

Most of us do this already I'm sure (I know I do, you know I do), but by buying things secondhand you reduce the amount of new products being made. That means we're not using as many natural resources and it cuts emissions produced while new products are being manufactured. Not to mention most secondhand things are light years cooler than anything you can pick up at the mall.

Give your old clothes new life by DIYing the shit out of them! A great example of very cool ways to do so are on Judy's blog Atlantis Home (Amazing blog btw!). The t-shirt skirt is my personal favorite.

Organic Fabrics!
Wear more environmentally conscious fabrics to help lessen our blow to the earth. A great place to get some cool organic cotton shirts is over at American Apparel. I personally like galaxy. One of my friends has a 'My White T-Shirt Is Green' shirt, which I love LOL (Hey Mia if you're readin!). Dunno where it's from though, I'll ask her. She got it at Target.

Not gonna lie, I'm holding out on some of my better Flea Market finds from the fear I won't have anything new/good to post in the future if I post them all at once LOL. So stay tuned guys. ;-)