Sunday's Look

Been very busy this weekend. Doin my best to go for a glam rock-esque look today.

I'm wearing a secondhand sharkskin shirt, deep v from American Apparel, belt from my dad, H&M jeans, and Stacey Adams boots.
Expect to see a lot more of this shirt this summer, it's very light and also see through. I love sharkskin shirts so much, I have a very small collection but I hope to find lots more. Sorry to be wearing the button up shirt/ jeans/deep v/ boots combo so much, but I love it. It makes it very easy to mix textures and colors.

Wearing my grey Stacey Adams. I don't wear these an awful lot because they are a bit big, but I'm happy I got them because I love the grey leather and their futuristic look.

Thanks for readin, have a good memorial day weekend.