Le 19 mai

A post with actual denim on denim! Just so you guys know, I didn't name this blog denim on denim with actual denim posts in mind LOL, I just thought it was a catchy name and it is considered a fashion faux pas, which I love. Just in case, ya know, you were thinking: "Where's the denim on denim???" But yeah onto the clothes...

I'm wearing a secondhand Levi's shirt, American Apparel deep v, belt from my dad, Cheap Monday jeans, and secondhand boots. Hope this picture isn't too posey-pose, I like it though. It was just a moment captured since my brother tends to take pictures when I'm not looking haha.

This is one of my favorite belts, it broke though a while back because it is a very brittle material. But my grandpa put two screws in it and voila. It doesn't really function as a belt, it just kinda hangs out on my hips. But as long as I can wear it! I believe it's from Mexico, although I have no idea where he bought it.

Expect some more outfit posts and whatnot this week as usual, I hope this blog isn't too routine LOL I do my best to keep things interesting. I've been more inspired lately than usual by glam-rock (ie inspired 98% by David Bowie), so stay tuned!

P.S. I noticed I have a lot of French readers, if you wanna leave me a comment in French (Or Spanish. Hola, I see you guys too. Thanks google analytics.) that'd be cool because I wanna see if I can understand it. Seriously, go nuts. I've only taken a year of both, but I'm not too shabby!