Playing With Plaid

I decided to play around with my dad's plaid shirt he gave me back in the day. I used to wear this unbuttoned with fedoras and frye boots over skinny jeans, back when Agyness Deyn was my style icon LOL. I do like this shirt a lot though, it's just too big for me. Kinda lumber jack, kinda punk, kinda Olsen twins? I'd like to think I wear it my own way though lol. All the pictures were taken by my brother Sam. Keep in mind I'm not a model at all, I'm only in front of the camera cos somebody's gotta wear the clothes. Just a disclaimer in case, ya know, I ever look slightly ridiculous LOL.

Style #1

I'm wearing a plaid shirt from my dad, see thru American Apparel shirt, Target shorts, calf hair cuff, shoes, and watch from a flea market,

There's something inspiring about having only half of your jacket slung over your shoulders. I think it makes good fashion photography and adds some more color/patterns/texture if needed.

Style #2

Worn buttoned up. I've added a fur pin of a dog's face for added eccentricity. Gotta mix weird secondhand furs.

One of my favorite secondhand scores by far. There's something so eerie about it's expression. It looks happy, but does it know it's beheaded? Probably the best 2 bucks I've ever spent.

Style #3

Added my messenger bag for this look and rolled up my sleeves.

Style #4

Added my H&M hoodie vest and tied the shirt around my waist. Not so flattering for your bum, but it looks cool! Inspired by this ed, lol duh. ;-)

Style #5

Had to go there guys. I must admit I like this quite a bit, I could see myself in an actual kilt one day. My brother said I looked like hey arnold LOL.

Have an amazing day,