Polka Dots & Whatnot

A Marni inspired look, playing more with track stripes.

I'm wearing a thrifted polka dot shirt, secondhand cardigan, brooch from the flea market, thrifted messenger, Target shorts, and shoes from American Vintage. Found the polka dot shirt in LA at Out of The Closet. I immediately thought of Marni when I saw it, and I was elated by the 4 dollar price tag.

Picked this up at the flea market. I was looking for some red jeweled brooches to play with some glam meets grit looks. I like this a lot because it's pretty sci-fi to me, like it could be in some 60s sci-fi flick as a badge for a general from beyond the moon.

Got these shoes at American Vintage before I found the similar black ones. How I found two shoes of very similar design, by the same brand, in my size, but in two different colors has not ceased to amaze me. Still not quite sure what style of shoe they are exactly.

Have a good Friday guys! :)