Le 16 mai

Wearing this to play music and hangout with some friends...

I'm wearing a secondhand suede leather and corduroy jacket, deep v from American Apparel, belt from a flea market, Cheap Monday jeans, and Stacey Adams boots.

Bustin out my blacks again, these are definitely my number one go-to shoe in my closet and probably my favorite pair. They're simple, but their genius is in their simplicity. To me, they're western, futuristic, and frankly, sexy as well. I can see myself wearin these for years to come.

Here's a cool picture I took of Pinky, I had no idea the spider was there until I uploaded it. She's seriously really photogenic, watch out Sasha Pivovarova.

I may do another post on this outfit because I really love it haha, hope you guys don't mind... I'll make it up to you with its ~greatness~. Have a great Saturday!