See Through Style Inspirations

Summer is approaching fast, and one style that I'm eager to bust out and wear 24/7 is mesh/see through tops. Granted I have one 'See Thru' shirt, but I've only just begun to scratch the surface. Here's some see through style inspirations that have been tantalizing my imagination.

Ziggy Stardust

This is definitely one of those go to pictures for immediate inspiration of mine. I can't really begin to express how much I love it, but I will however mention that one thing I love about it is the red hair with the black clothes.

"Tight black mesh long-sleeve top, worn with form-fitting black trousers outlined in red and silver sequins along the waist and outside seams. A band of sequins runs around the bottom of each leg, slightly above the ankle. Bowie wore the original for the first time at the Rainbow Theatre in London on 19 August 1972 and ended his Hammersmtih Odeon Farewell Gig on 3 July 1973 wearing this costume."

Info and pics from 5 years and bowie wonderworld.

En Vogue

From thefashionspot, click for the full ed.

This is a picture from my favorite En Vogue. It features one of my favorite kinds of see through styles, which is a see through shirt worn under a blazer/jacket. This I think is the easiest to pull off and it translates well into colder weathers too. At least around here in socal, where we don't even know the meaning of cold. Now that I think about it, I think this picture was the first I saw that made me wanna try this style many moons ago...

Jane Birkin

From burning up
This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I know I can't completely emulate this style for obvious reasons LOL, but I love the attitude and it's a constant source of inspiration. Jane Birkin, whatta woman.

Givenchy Men's S/S 09

from menstyle
One of my favorite menswear shows of all time - get out of my dreams and into my closet! Riccardo's transgressional take on menswear and masculinity is exactly how I feel, what's not badass about shamelessly showing skin with tons of leather and all in bright-ass pink? Thank goodness for designers like Tisci rattling a few cages. Hope to try some of these whole looks let alone the see through dress shirts. A bit off topic, but I remember a review on Mens Style of Riccardo's F/W 09/10 mens collection saying: "But one was also disconcerted by a sense that it would be interesting to probe Tisci's mind, to learn if or where the men he imagines in his clothes actually exist." Uhhh, I'm right here?

In conclusion, I need this, this, and this in a million different colors.

Have a good week! To those still in school, savor the flavor there's not much time left to enjoy the simple joys of a school day. ;-p