Lots of Black and New Vintage Accessories

Wore this yesterday but didn't have time to photograph it until today. Excuse the post-shower hair!

I'm wearing a secondhand coat thing, shirt, sword pin, and skull necklace from my dad, homemade gator tooth necklace, Cheap Monday pants, and secondhand boots.

I love the all black look, but I am always aware of trying not to look like one of those 'all black kids', ya know? The kids that hang in groups of one another and all dress almost exactly the same? Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't think it's any fun. So I try to switch it up a bit with some unconventional pieces and accessories. I love wearing my red boots with an all black outfit, they look great together adding a nice finishing touch. I feel like they don't get much love on the blog despite the fact I frequently haul ass around town/school in em.

I raided my dad's amazing vintage collection the other day and he gave me this skull necklace. It's hung on a silk rope and is totally cool! He got it on Melrose back in the 80s. Love how it looks with the tooth, kinda gives off that witchy look I always love (Does Professor Snape count as a style icon?). You can also see the details of my shirt, it's my Dia De Los Muertos shirt worn backwards, which makes this a very versatile piece. It was my dad's back in the day, and went from being a PJs shirt to one of my favorite shirts to wear with just about anything. It's so soft and very light, plays well in hot weather.

This was an old trinket of my dads he found when he was little, and now it's mine to give new life to. LOVE this! I really wanted some sword accessories after seeing this picture of Perdita on Sea Of Shoes. I love the sword earrings look, but since my ears aren't pierced, this is easier lol! I went job hunting a bit yesterday, and even the guy working at a vintage store I went searching at liked my pin, even though they weren't hiring LOL.

Hope everyone has a good week!