Glam Rock Inspiration Board

A quick inspiration board inspired by my obsession with Ziggy Stardust. Taking a look at some amazing footwear that I feel would bring any look up to fantastical glam rock star standards.

Pictures from erm... the internet? LOL I have no idea sorry guys.

I'm a big believer in accessories making an outfit extraordinary, especially shoes (In my case a great pair of ankle boots). These boots would convey the glam rock look into any ensemble. Would kill to have a pair of any of them (Don't even get me started on the Rick Owens', that's a whole post on its own). I could think of a million and one ways to wear the Givenchys, I have a vision of them looking amazing under jeans so it looks like they're your skin. Or to go all the way and wear them all out, the possibilities are endless. Need some flashy/gaudy pieces in my wardrobe ASAP. Sometimes you want your fashion statements to be so loud they scream. I'm thinkin of scouring some thrift stores to see if I can get a flashy jacket to play around with for cheap.

I'll update this weekend, three day weekend woo hoo! Have a good one.