What I'm Wearing Saturday the 28th

Today I had some friends over to jam and ate pizza and this is what I wore. LOL sound familiar? I thought I'd switch it up, so I had my brother photograph me.

I've got on a random girl's plaid shirt (the only ones that fit me), American Apparel raglan, Cheap Monday jeans, homemade alligator tooth necklace, pentagram from ebay with my own chain, 3 rings my mom gave me, and my good ol calf hair boots.

The skinny on some things:
I wear my calf hair boots only on the weekends, because I'd never forgive myself if I wrecked them at school, so most Saturday outfits are gonna include em.

I edited my address in the picture so you can't stalk me, sorry guys!

No, I'm not Wiccan. Although I have an obsession of all things magical and have always mused over the girl who wears a kaftan with bare feet, wears tons of necklaces so her neck is green, has long messy hair, and works at some failing new age store. I was on ebay the other day and found this one for 4.95 with shipping, and since I've wanted one for more than a year now and I had 5 bucks on a master card gift card just begging to be spent, it was a done deal. It also came with a clip to hang on a hoodie zipper, but more on that later!

My brother and I's friend went to Florida some time ago and he gave my brother this alligator tooth in a jar. Being the wonderful brother I am, I stole it and made a necklace out of it! It's cool though, he didn't mind. I love this necklace so much, I love the beastly, headhunter charm. I love the way the pentagram and the tooth necklace look together too, very witchy which is exactly what I was going for.

Hope your weekend has been great