Transgressional Fashion: Skirts For Men

I've always been fascinated with the idea that clothes are just clothes. If you were born with the idea that football jocks wore pink sequin floor length ball gowns, you'd think that was pretty damn masculine! There really are no boy and girl clothes. And although cross dressing is nothing new in fashion, for men the taboo items have always been skirts and dresses. However, now more than ever it seems, skirts (or kilts, although personally I feel that's just a euphemism) for men are appearing in magazines and on runways all over. And I for one am enthralled, what a way to stick it to the man! It's a defiant redefinition of a garment, totally pushing the limits of fashion as we know it.

From the new Vogue Hommes International, this essentially sums up why Carine Roitfeld is my favorite stylist. This is cool on so many different levels, there are some amazing individual pieces (i.e. that AMAZING Prada jacket) being paired with more crude punky pieces and it is so so inspiring. And although I think using a plaid kilt is kind of expected when it comes to men's skirts, I happen to like plaid and think this still looks kickass. I'd wear these looks head to toe (sans the makeup though, too fussy).

Scans from thefashionspot. Click for the whole editorial!

One of my favorite runway collections of all time, and one that featured skirts, was Number (N)ine's F/W 09/10 show.

I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life. I think the skirts don't stick out as something the model may have grabbed from his sister's closet, but rather fit perfectly with fantastical look and aren't overtly feminine. I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life. This is merely the tip of the iceberg about this collection, I could go on forever so we'll just leave it at that. Did I mention that I could wear nothing but this collection for the rest of my life? Because I could. Although I'd miss my ankle boots.

Rick Owens is kinda a given, but I think the skirts work so well here. Even the middle dress looks masculine to me. For whatever reason, I could imagine a Native American tribe leader wearing that and looking out of this world.

If you wanna see most of the menswear skirt looks from f/w 09/10 at a glance, here's a great collage of some looks I scanned from the April Vogue Paris I just received in the mail.
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And lastly: What do you, my dear reader, think of men in skirts? Feel free to say whatever the hell you feel like, I'd love to know! And no, I doubt you'll see me in a skirt any time soon. And although I would not be adverse to the idea, I truly have nowhere to wear it. Especially when I'm still at a point in my life where I could get beat up very easily LOL. However, I cannot predict the future and my #1 fashion motto is: "Never say never."