What I wore on Saturday

I'm wearing a Levi's denim shirt, second hand cardigan, mouse pin from ebay, Cheap Monday jeans, and Stacey Adams boots.
Maybe some of you noticed this is a bit inspired by my
inspiration board. I normally wear the cardigan unbuttoned, but I wanted to show the mouse pin in the picture. I didn't notice my cat LOL, but it's a cool photo I think, I don't know why the second pic is blurry. I went on a pretty big shopping spree (by my standards anyways) this weekend. I even got two new pairs of ankle boots! I'm ecstatic to finally have 3 pairs! I'll do some posts with em during this week. Oh yes, and here's a detail shot of the mouse pin:

It has like red jewels for eyes and is painted with gold paint. The tail is like a bendy metal. I was inspired to find one after seeing some mouse jewelry in Marc Jacobs' S/S 08 collection, and I stumbled upon this pin for only 3 bucks on ebay (with shipping)!

Hope your weekend was awesome,