New Ankle Boots pt.1

On Saturday I purchased two new pairs of ankle boots and here's the first pair:

I really really love these boots. The red color is right up my alley, red's my favorite color (especially dark shades) and I actually don't have a lot of red clothes so these are soo perfect. I also love the design on the boots, I love western style clothes and accessories as you might have observed, and although all ankle boots like these are kinda western, these are the first overtly western pair I've bought. I don't see any brand name on them, but they're definitely old. Although a steal at only 45 bucks! In my opinion anyways because a new pair is like 90 and these are definitely cooler than any new Boot Barn pair...
(Sorry they're a bit dirty, I haven't bothered to properly clean and polish them. Also when I began to photograph them, I noticed I had stepped in dog shit with them and washed the bottoms, just saying.)

Anyways, here's me wearing em with another new purchase. My dad's friends own a vintage clothing store and I bought this there, it's a really old and faded Flick brand, to be quite honest I don't know the name for it, I suppose patches? Panels? Lifted edged? At any rate, it's a really cool old jean jacket that I hope to get a lot of wear out of this summer, or sooner, things have already begun to warm up here in Orange County.

Here's a back shot too to show the pattern.

I'm wearing a vintage Flick jean jacket, Cheap Monday jeans, second hand boots, and a belt my dad gave me, I forget if it's visible. I'm sorry the lighting in the picture is soo bad, you can't really see the color of the boots.
My color inspiration was from this picture of backstage Prada f/w 09/10,

I'll post the other pair of ankle boots soon, they're pretty outrageous so be excited. ;)