Runway Inspiration

I'm not gonna lie, it's weird actually being excited about men's wear shows. Usually it's just a sea of suits and ties that, despite their quality/whatever, I easily can scope out similar looks at say... the bank? Not very inspiring. Although some designers do push the envelope, and here's two collections that inspire me at the moment.

pictures from wwd
Although spring is approaching, I'm gonna let go of my baggy layers kicking and screaming. These I feel are a desert traveler's clothes, they're very unkempt and are quite exotic looking. I really like the color of the boots in the middle picture, especially paired with that ensemble. I wish I had more clothes like these in my wardrobe. I desperately need more scarves and baggy coats.

pictures from the fashionspot
This one's a bit old but damn. It's hard to find clothes that keep you from melting in hot weather but still hold up in the cool department, and these look like they do just that. Particularly I like the shorts and shoes. The shoes look especially fashion forward. Although I'm not a huge fan of flats (haha), these look amazingly cool and the blue color I like (I've seen em in black too though). I wish I could find detail pictures of the shoes but, my search so far has been in vain. These make the sting of not finding any good shoes to wear with shorts all the more painful.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wore the one green shirt I have today, I hope you didn't get pinched too bad if you didn't. I pinched my friend today and she kicked me, just sayin.