Some inspiring bling bling (yeah right)

One of my favorite parts of the fashion world accessories, particularly jewelry, so I decided to do a post on some designs that have been capturing my imagination as of late.

Fulco di Verdura

This Sicilian jeweler's designs really caught my eye while flipping through this month's Vogue Paris. Vulco has an article in it which I scanned below, however be forewarned that they are terrible scans, but you get the gist. This month's issue is focused on Chanel, and Vulco designed jewelry for Chanel in the late 1920's, so he's featured. I don't know if I've been under a rock because I'd never heard of him until I saw the article and his designs have been around roughly 60 years before I was born. I really like all of the designs I've seen so far, particularly the shells and hearts. I could imagine some wonderfully eccentric woman donning these and looking amazing. It makes me want to be more eccentric in the accessories department.
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Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin for Rodarte jewelry

I've always had an eyeball obsession, and I would definitely want something like one of these pieces. A necklace of them would be amazing. I don't recall them being seen on anybody off the runway though, if you have a picture of someone rockin' em, don't hesitate to show me!

Bill Cunningham A Dash of Color

I'm not sure of the designer name, I just found this picture browsing blogs (can't remember where, if it's yours say hey!) which is from Bill Cunningham's A Dash of Color video. I found this the most inspiring though. I could imagine those being thrown with any outfit and instantly making it more interesting. I may try to DIY this soon by melting plastic together or something, but I'm a bit ahead of myself since I haven't even started the Margiela shirt, but I plan to soon. My sewing helper (aka la mere) is very busy this week, so it's on hiatus.

Hope your week's goin well