What I Wore Sunday

I was gonna post this yesterday, but got distracted and I didn't remember until later and by then it was so late I figured I'd just post it today. But anyway, it was a beautiful day and a little chilly so I took full advantage and threw this together.

Suede jacket with corduroy panels, secondhand, shirt and scarf from American Apparel, jeans from H&M, random watch and random beanie, and second hand ankle boots.
My brother photographed me again, he said I looked like I was ready for the snow LOL. I really dig this look, I mean I dig all of my looks LOL, but I loved lounging around the house in this all day when I could have easily swapped it for pajamas.
This is the first time I've really worn anything on my head for so long, I'm not really a hat person, but this beanie for me was the cherry on top. I feel like I wanna wear this beanie with everything now. Although just about all of my friends and family wear beanies so they may think I'm just catching on hahah.
I always like to show a detail shot of my boots, but since the lighting was bad on the floor, I decided to have a little photo shoot.

Love these boots.

I scanned some cool stuff recently I'll post soon. It's also spring break next week and I'm staying in LA for a few days! So excited! Hopefully I'll find some cool things, eh? ;-)

P.S. THE DREAM IS OVER. Yoox sold out of the Margielas I've been stalking in my size. My fault really, I wasn't willing to cough up the 400 bucks.