New Ankle Boots Pt.2

These were the other pair of ankle boots I purchased, and no you don't have to feed them. When I first saw these, I thought the idea of boots like these were hilarious, and then when I left vintage store I thought to myself: "#&*^#% I love hilarious! Why did you not buy those?!? They're amazing!" As the weeks went by, their barbaric/primal/impractical/beastly charm invaded my consciousness even more and I pressured my Dad to speed me back to pick up these babies ASAP. At the time I had no idea what size they were, I just knew I wanted them. But when I finally returned, I saw them waiting for me and IN MY SIZE. Seriously an epic fashion moment if there ever was one. As for the boots, I don't know what fur they're covered in exactly, if anybody knows, help me out! ;-) Their brand is Rois, I think. The logo is worn on both pairs believe it or not. But I'm sure there's some wonderful shoes like these south of the border, down Mexico way, if anybody reading wants a similar pair. The influence of Mexican culture here in So Cal is great.
Here's me wearin em. I have a cold at the moment, so I look even more enthusiastic than usual.

I'm wearin here an American Apparel cardigan, scarf, and 50/50 shirt, H&M hoodie vest, random watch I got when I was 7, Cheap Monday jeans, and second hand fur boots. I do indeed have more than 2 pairs of jeans, I have 4, OKAY? :p You could say it's one of my more neglected sides of my wardrobe but a good pair of jeans can get you through the week pretty well.
Oh, and because I never smile:

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, I'll be sittin' here lurking the net for new Paris Fashion Week stuff until my eyes dry up. Every new collection is like unwrapping presents at Christmas, seriously! The spring shows aren't for 6 months!