New Ankle Boots (Again)

Yeah, I have an ankle boot fetish, no question. I trekked with my dad over to Huntington Beach today to shop, and I made away with these guys and some other interesting finds.

Here's the story about these boots, they're a size 12 and I'm a 10 (in boots, for sneakers 10 and a half and I'm roughly a 43 European). Irregardless, these fit pretty well and are walkable surprisingly for being a whopping 2 sizes bigger than my foot. They do make my feet look huge, but I don't care in the slightest. As for the details, they're Stacey Adams boots just like my black ones, and have similar futuristic panels as well, strange coincidence huh? They're pretty worn and are a grey leather, which I think makes them more futuristic looking. But I think my favorite detailing on these, is the zipper.

How low can it go? This makes me think even more than someone traveled in time to 2085, nicked these from a spaceship, traveled back in time, and sold them to me at American Vintage (or 1985...).
Here's me wearing them. I actually didn't have to edit the lighting, woo! I decided to edit the first one because it was a lot darker upon second glance, but I like the lighting in the second picture.

I'm wearing American Apparel 50/50 shirt, H&M jeans (I took it upon myself to wear a different pair of jeans that I've yet to show on the blog), second hand Stacey Adams boots, my dad's watch I "borrow", and another new find: a red leather coat.
On the way home, we stopped off at The Lab, an outdoor mall where the OC hipster population comes to meet and is always good for a heaving dose of second hand smoke (blech), but it does have some cool stores and a magazine stand that is well stocked with assorted international fashion mags. I found this baby there at Buffalo Exchange for only 25 bucks! I wish it'd stay colder longer here because I have a feeling it's gonna sit in my closet until next fall, but it was pretty chilly today so I threw it on ASAP!
Also, my inspiration for my outfit was to throw in as many different colored leathers as possible, so I threw on my dad's vintage watch strap. This is also the closest I can get to my fashion bondage looks I love so dearly (probably for the best). Here's the details:

And here's a detail shot of the pockets on the coat too because I love them. And because you haven't had enough of my flash overkill yet.

I got two other things I'll post sometime soon. These "shopping sprees" have taken a toll to my wallet though LOL, I haven't bought this much stuff in a while.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend! Also, thanks very much for the comments! I love hearing from my readers! :)

Buenos noches