Asian "tour jackets" are synonymous with flea markets - I see at least one whenever I stop by one. I've kept my eye out for just the right one and finally found it. They're most commonly found in the varsity style jacket design with terrific stitching on the back of beautiful images from the visited countries, such as Japanese or Korean imagery. Great detail and design on this one (it was also the right price). Some loose threads, which I have a penchant for anyway, and it's a little short but it's fine, gives me a chance to play with proportion. I've learned to adapt when shopping vintage over the years.

One of my favorite outfits to wear from this winter. Vintage everything but the tee and pants are from American Apparel. The necklace is my dad's and really really incredible. You could learn to play that harp wherever you go! I'd love to record a song using the necklace.

It would be so much fun to curate an exhibit of all the different variations of these jackets! The collar is fantastic and the silk is subtly lustrous, the zipper is really something too but my camera can't get that good of a detail shot up close.

Worn with my prized calf skins.