It's been a while since my last flea market post, it's been a busy couple of months so I was elated to finally be able to pay the Long Beach flea market another much needed visit! My dad and I went, and although we left nice and early, mother nature thought it'd be funny to rain on us and the unfortunate vendors. After waiting it out in the car, the rain finally let up and I was able to snap some pictures...

I was greeted by this towering native american statue.

I'm so glad creative atrocities like this exist.

Jacket of the world.

A bold Egyptian print.

I'm really smitten by this exotic design.

I love the graphics on this board game.

Pretty sure I've posted these before but I can't get them out of my mind - too bad they're so extremely narrow!

I love the little circle thingies on this bag. Would love to see that detail applied to things beyond the bag realm.

Cute critter graphic on this vintage tee from Chinatown.

Really cool leather bag. Interesting color combination of leather and silver half moon.

Funny George Orwell pin

Chinese shirt tag

I love the Bullock's tag! Really I just love eye patches. Cruz's style tip: Damage your eye to enhance your look with a stylish patch!

There's another flea market on the 31st, my dad and I are set on going!