After watching Cracked Actor the second time around I took notice of a particular outfit of Bowie's...

The pairing of a cropped long sleeve shirt with flared brown trousers, topped with a fedora struck me as so compellingly bizarre that I had to try my hand at the puzzling silhouette myself.
My version let a bit of air out of the original look's tires, casual elements mixed with Denim on Denim regulars.

I could have gone with a wider rimmed fedora but I decided to go with this porkpie hat because it's the closest thing to a fedora that I'd ever wear outside a blog post. I used to wear it all the time, and I still think it's nice, even aside from the fact that I can't bare to bring myself to wear anything on my head besides a beanie these days. Most instances I prefer to keep the crazy below the neck I suppose. It has a little sword detail tucked into the band as well, which I think is pretty cool too.

I went to the Long Beach flea market yesterday and I took a ton of pictures so stay tuned!