Vintage mohair cardigan, kr3w (lol wut???) serial killer shirt, Levi's jeans, vintage Chippewa boots

Just in case you had any doubt how big of a sicko I am. I was thumbing through the smelly circle racks at Buffalo Exchange with some buddies and stumbled upon this gem of a t-shirt. I went through a phase when I was younger nail biting my way through documentary after documentary about the offenders on my shirt, and since I'm a fan of all things horror and outrageous I was excited to find it. Plus I figure it's my duty, since it takes a special kind of person to have the nerve to share this kind of tee with the world.

I've been blabbing about the shirt, but the reason for this post really comes from the fact that I found this mohair cardigan that I got at a flea market two years ago in my closet! It reminds me of sweaters from Prada F/W 07/08, but more like if Kurt Cobain had gotten ahold of it. And naturally the best way to accent a serial killer tee is to clip on your pokewalker.

Getting back to being a sicko - I find it fun to see how gross I can get with my wardrobe. In an exercise of creep chic, I paired a serial killer shirt with an animal tooth necklace.

Borrowing these from my dad. He got them at Standard Issue in L.A. They're super comfortable and have such great worn in details.