I have on a Levi's denim jacket, necklace by Ishi, American Apparel shirt, vintage Levi's jeans and vintage sushi pin and boots

Figured I'd do a post reflecting my personal style after doing a post so akin to Bowie's. The paint splattered jeans were fished out of a pile of similar homemade creations at a flea market last month. They will be flaking paint chips by my side all summer long. They were a lot more aged looking, but unfortunately I had to wash them. Why doesn't anyone make the case of wearing dirty clothes in the name of style?

The necklace is by a designer called Masauki Ishikawa, but goes by just Ishi. A woman at the Long Beach flea market last month was selling his designs and my dad and I were very impressed! There were a lot of designs to choose from, many Mexican and military inspired, but I went for this curved bone necklace, since I'm into sleek and chic animal parts. I did all sorts of internet research trying to track him down, but sadly my search yielded no results. If you're out there Ishi, I'm a big fan!