Over the weekend my parents bought me these American Apparel swim trunks I've had my eye on. I've never owned a pair of shorts so short, I love them though. I'm having fun styling them. Lesson 1 of short shorts styling is: never wear them with a jacket that covers your ass or you'll look like you're wearing no pants. But pants are so last year anyways, right guys? Who needs pants when you can look like this, but more on that later.

I'm wearing a secondhand Levi's shirt, American Apparel shirt and bathing suit, random leather bracelets, and Stacey Adams shoes.

Yeah I gotta tanline. That's what years of P.E. shorts do to you... Everybody knows the cure to a tanline is to show it off.

Many more outfits to come with these bad boys. You can really dress em up if you want to. I have an obsession with wearing pajama/athletic/other shorts with less casual clothes in a style I've dubbed 'Lounge Chic' LOL. Aka your sweats with some 12 hundred dollar heels.

You know it's summer when you've said to hell with pants.

P.S. Miguel over at El Bosquejo did a post on me! Thanks so much Miguel, please take a look at his awesome menswear blog.